Our Brands

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The manufacturing skills and spirit transcend time, giving shape to the brands people trust.

Since our founding in 1936 as a manufacturer of spark plugs, the history of our company has been one of technological innovations. The technology and expertise we accumulate in product development processes are reinvested in new applications, enabling us to grow into new fields of business.
The manufacturing spirit that was built around our core ceramics technology is the DNA of our company, passed on from generation to generation. We continue to nurture and develop new technologies, so that we will be able to build the businesses in the future.


The Twinsmark is a symbol of the reliability of NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. and shows combination of the two brands, NGK and NTK.
As the word “twins” suggests, this design emphasizes the mutual business support and trust that exists between these two brands, which are like a pair of pillars upholding the same philosophy. The Twinsmark is used in communication activities throughout the company.

Two brand names with trust


Our spark plugs, glow plugs and related products under the brand name "NGK" have been in long use since the establishment of the company, becoming some of the top-quality products throughout the world. As our leading products, they have made significant contributions to the progress of the automobile industry.


NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. produces IC packages, sensors for exhaust gas cleaning, ceramic tools and other items under the "NTK" brand.
We are expanding our business field to areas such as medical, environment and energy products for which demands are expected to increase in the future.