Corporate Message

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Our new corporate message was conceived to celebrate our 80th anniversary

We were celebrated our 80th anniversary on November 11th, 2016.

Here, we look back at our corporate philosophy, 80 years of company history and our products. We also present our corporate message as a portrait of NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. that we conceived to collectively express the DNA that flows deep within us and our expectations of how we should be in the future.

When thinking up a new corporate message, we collected ideas from our employees, repeatedly discussed them with experts, and continually worked to improve them. Finally, “IGNITE YOUR SPIRIT” was born.

Based on the idea expressed in our corporate message, we will continue to deliver cutting-edge solutions and we will work to become an indispensable company in the world.


-IGNITE YOUR drive, dreams and SPIRIT-

NGK SPARK PLUG has been a leader in manufacturing for 80 years.

Our desire is to live in a healthier and more beautiful world where all our dreams can come true.

Everyday, we continue to ignite the passion in our hearts and spark new ideas in our minds
to focus on achieving our goals for the future.

Our mission is to continue to make the world a better place.

We will pursue future opportunities and improve NGK SPARK PLUG’s unique and advanced technologies.

Our diverse workforce will ignite our company to create new products and to be a leader in innovation.

We will enhance our competitive advantage by understanding and adapting to global changes.

Fueled and motivated by our own drive, NGK SPARK PLUG will continue to IGNITE YOUR SPIRIT, instill passion in your hearts, and deliver cutting edge solutions as a leading manufacturer in the world.