Respecting Diversity

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Basic Philosophy

We promote diversity in our organization as we believe that diversity and inclusion are essential for companies to attain sound growth and ensure happiness for all employees. Here, diversity means an employee-friendly workplace that accepts different personnel "assets" (one in which all people regardless of their gender, age, disability or nationality, enjoy their work) and includes diverse values and ideas that move the company forward.

Strengthening and Maintaining Initiative to Promote Active Participation of Women

We are promoting the active participation of women as a management strategy from the top down. The “DIAMOND Project” launched in June 2013 with the following principles: “changing the corporate culture,” “changing the consciousness,” and “changing the environment.” We hold events, such as "Forum for Female Employees," "Training for Next Generation Female Leaders," and "Career Advancement Support Program," “Career Training for Employees Returning from Childcare Leave,” and “Women’s Networking” to support female employees in building their career and to stimulate their ambition. We also held lecture meetings and training sessions for all senior managerial employees once or twice a year to deepen their understanding of diversity management.
Furthermore, in all departments, including those of Japanese group companies, general managers devised and implemented action plans that suited their own departments. In fiscal 2016, we presented Encouragement Awards to departments with outstanding initiatives. We are also expanding systems to create a workplace that is more comfortable for female employees. Receiving approval for those activities, in fiscal 2016, NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. was designated as one of Diversity Management Selection 100 (sponsored by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), and also one of Semi-Nadeshiko brands (jointly planned by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Tokyo Stock Exchange).

Number of Female Employees
in a Managerial Posts by Fiscal Year
Proportion of female employees to the whole workforce
Corresponding to regular full-time position

Voice of the Project Leader

We Aim to Create a Company Where All Employees Can Play an Active Role

Working on promotion of diversity management has gradually made us realize the change. Aiming at the company allowing every employee to play an active role and actualize the idea, we will positively take the initiatives in promotion.

Member of DIAMOND Project
(in the front row, third from the left: Project Leader Otsuka)

Utilizing Retired Employees

Employment of the elderly population is an important issue for our society, as the starting age for recipients of the national pension has been increased and the shift into an aging society is progressing. In 2001, we introduced a post-retirement reemployment system for providing work opportunities to retired employees so that their long-accumulated knowledge and expertise are effectively utilized.
We are working hard to prepare an environment that meets the needs of elderly workers, our company and the worksite and use it in a way that takes into consideration the aptitudes, motivation and abilities of senior employees.

Number of Retirees Reemployed under the System

Employment of the Disabled

Although the ratio of disabled employees at NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. as of March 31, 2016 had increased slightly from the previous fiscal year to 1.90%, we were unable to meet the statutory employment rate of 2.0%. Recognizing that falling short of the statutory employment rate is an issue, we are visiting Hello Work public employment centers, Labor Bureaus, and companies that are pioneers in this area and considering what action to take.

Percentage of Disabled Employees
* Data at the end of fiscal year

Global Human Resource Development for Securing Management for the Next Generation

In fiscal 2011, we appointed officers of the overseas group companies to GEM (Global Executive Members). Every year, we hold global management meeting that GEMs are present as main attendants for discussing about the global management issues such as brand strategy and human resource strategy. Such meeting is held for fostering of GEMs as well as collection of various opinions from various nationalities besides those from Japanese.
Additionally, in view of the globally expanding business operation, we have launched “Global Next-generation Management Personnel Development Program” for discovering and developing personnel eligible for the next-generation management among those from all group companies. We conduct hiring and recruitment of human resources regardless of nationality for providing opportunities and environments enabling every employee to do a worthwhile task. In recent years of great environmental change, the program is intended to offer learning opportunities for the subject personnel representing the next generation, and is called “HAGI” taken from “Shokason-juku” as private school located in Hagi-shi, Yamaguchi prefecture, from where many talented people went out into the world in the end of Edo era. The program has been offered since fiscal 2016 under the administration of President serving as the principal.

GEM participants

Voice of a Global Human Resources Organizer

Aiming at Promotion of True Globalization

We have been increasingly globalized by taking opportunity of the largest-ever acquisition of overseas company in 2015, for example. Company management in such times needs the human resources capable of thinking and acting from a global perspective. There may cause the risk of shortage of personnel adaptable to globalization unless non-Japanese employees are recruited from all group companies. Every year from 2013, our Human Resources department has been holding “Global Personnel Meeting” including employees in charge of personnel operation as major members, intended to promptly share and solve the problem concerning human resource development with whole group members.
We will promote global human resource development for the purpose of enhancing collective efforts of our group.

Global Personnel Office
Human Resources Dept.

Focus on Employing Non-Japanese Nationals

We have been working on personnel recruitment adapted to the global organization in response to rapid globalization.
Since 2013, we have started putting a particular focus on employing non-Japanese nationals in our new graduate recruitment, and have consistently employed at least three non-Japanese students each year.
Moreover, recently we have not only been putting efforts into employing foreign students at Japanese universities, but also non-Japanese students who have learned Japanese at universities overseas and wish to find work in Japan.

Initiatives that Consider Work-Life Balance

We are promoting initiatives that consider the work-life-balance of our employees.
The number of employees on childcare leave is approximately 50, and recently, male employees take leave every year as well. Almost all employees returned to work after the leave.
In 2015, we have changed the short working hour system by allowing the divided use of the system up to 3 times within the term from fiscal 2017 in addition to extension of availability from the conventional term of the first grade of elementary school to the end of the third grade. This makes it possible for the employees who wish to use the system to spend more time with their children.
We have introduced another short working hour system for nursing care since 2017. In this way, we will work for actualizing the environment that allows diverse human resources to be active in the respective workplaces.

Number of Employees Using the Leave Schemes