Eco Vision 2020

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Environmental Policy

As a globally developing core manufacturing corporation, we are aiming to simultaneously realize environmental preservation and corporate growth, based on the participation of all our employees, in order to contribute to the construction of a sustainable society.

Action Guidelines

  • We strive to utilize our unique technology to develop and offer environmentally-friendly products.
  • Through all of our business activities, we make particular efforts to prevent global warming, make efficient use of resources, and control chemical substances, in order to conserve the environment.
  • We strive to raise the awareness of the environment among our employees to ensure that they all make positive efforts to conserve the environment.
  • We observe the laws, ordinances, and agreements concerning environmental conservation.
  • We aim to substantiate our information disclosure and communication activities, and also carry out environmental contribution activities aimed at coexistence with the regional community.
  • In order to achieve these targets, we will strive to make ongoing improvements to our environmental management system.

Basic Philosophy

Environmental issues are a common challenge for all mankind. Every member of the NGK SPARK PLUG's GROUP will work towards reducing environmental burdens from our business activities as much as possible and developing and providing products and technologies that contribute to improving the environment. We will also endeavor to communicate in greater depth with our stakeholders including our local communities so that we may all work together to contribute to creating a sustainable society.

Global Eco Vision 2020

In our activities for environmental conservation, we set medium-term environmental targets. From fiscal 2016, we have drawn up a vision for our company and launched activities under “Global Eco Vision 2020”.
We set four important environmental tasks, "Natural resources", "Global warming", "Toxic, hazardous chemicals" and "Key quality (Environmentally-Friendly products)", under Global Eco Vision 2020. By tackling these tasks through our business activities while defining “Education”, “Compliance”, “Open communication” as foundation, we will work to enhance our manufacturing power, increase our brand value, and contribute to sustainable development of society.

Environmental Action Plan and Results

(Attachment : Results and Consolidation in fiscal 2016)

Major items Minor items Targets for fiscal 2020 Results for fiscal 2016
Global Warming Production CO2 Basic unit 5% reduction compared to fiscal 2015
(Average yearly reduction of 1%)
【Target】 CO2 basic unit: 1% decrease from fiscal 2015
【Result】 CO2 basic unit: 3.3% decrease from fiscal 2015
Conducted energy saving activities across the department by energy saving promotion sub-committee.
Logistics Promotion of efficient logistics Optimized product transportation between plants.
Depletion of resource Waste Promotion of reduction of waste material by reducing defective products Reduced wastes by promoting activities along with regular business operations, for example, yield improvement.
Promotion of product design which takes into consideration minimization of waste Conducted environmental impact assessment at the product design stage while considering product life cycle.
Water Promotion of efficient water utilization Reduced water utilization by modifying facilities and reviewing operations.
Raw material Promotion of product design which takes into consideration minimization of the amount of raw material used Conducted environmental impact assessment at the product design stage while considering product life cycle.
Environmentally-friendly products --- Creation of an approval system for environmentally-friendly products, and expansion of environmentally-friendly product lines Formulated environmentally-friendly product accreditation system (plan), and conducted partial trial run.
Hazardous chemical substances --- Taking decisive action to comply with the various laws and regulation including ELV, RoHS and REACH Shared restriction information across the department by chemical management sub-committee, and took actions against restriction.
--- Promotion of the use of substitute materials to replace materials that place a burden on the environment Implemented substitution for phthalic acid subject to banning by the RoHS in 2019.
--- Total abolition of HCFC Promoted planned update of the device that demands filling of HCFC.