Special Features 2015

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Renovating NGK SPARK PLUG 2

Introducing CSR Activities in Thailand

2015 marked 41 years since the NGK SPARK PLUG's GROUP expanded into Thailand in 1974 as SIAM NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. Today, three group companies are based in Thailand and are promoting the construction of a global production response to the increasing expansion in demand, mainly in emerging countries.
Here, we will report on activities in Thailand which are expected to continue playing an active role in the future as a core site in the Asia region.


Risk Management and Compliance

In 2011, there was large-scale flooding in Thailand, and local Japanese-affiliated companies also suffered significant damage. Fortunately, the NGK SPARK PLUG's GROUP did not suffer any damage, but we have formulated a business continuity plan (BCP) in preparation for mitigating damage and early recovery of operations in the event that risks do materialize.
Moreover, in order to maintain fair and transparent relationships with customers and suppliers, we regularly conduct education on compliance, including Thailand’s Competition Act, to raise awareness among employees.

Compliance study session

Aiming for an Environmentally- and People-friendly Plant that is also Risk-resistant

We established two concepts taking the environment and safety into consideration when constructing the plant at SparkTec (THAILAND) CO., LTD., which commenced operations in April 2015. The first concept is "an environmentally- and people-friendly plant." We have created an environment that is easy for employees to work in by establishing places for recreation, such as sports areas. The plant is also environmentally-friendly with consideration given to energy and cost savings, including measures to counter the heat with high ceilings and natural ventilation, and the use of sunlight for lighting. The second concept is "a plant that is disaster-resistant." We have avoided risks due to heavy rain and flooding by taking measures against rainwater discharge that take into account maximum local rainfall and measures to prevent the inflow of rainwater from outside.

Plant using natural lighting
Sports area inside the plant grounds

Actively Participating in Social Contribution and Environmental Preservation Activities

We have continuously taken part in donating blood to the local Red Cross and making contributions to foundations that provide support to AIDS patients. NGK SPARK PLUGS (THAILAND) CO., LTD. and SIAM NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD., are also involved in anti-drugs activities run by the local Labour Protection and Welfare Offices. All the employees at both companies have received certification that they are drug-free.
In the area of the environment, we actively participate in coastal clean ups and beachside tree planting activities with involvement from employees.

Voice of a Participant in Tree-planting

In the area where our plant is located, there is a mangrove forest along the coastline. Therefore, we run tree-planting activities to protect the mangroves. Through these activities, we can contribute to protecting the environment and also get to know people in other departments.

Participants in tree planting