Special Features 2016

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NGK SPARK PLUG, CO., LTD., which celebrated the 80th anniversary of its establishment this year, will continue to be an indispensable company that fulfills its social responsibility to all stakeholders, even beyond our 90th and 100th anniversaries.


CSR is usually translated into Japanese as “kigyo no shakaiteki sekinin (corporate social responsibility).” However, we communicate it to our employees as “meeting stakeholder expectations and needs through our business to make stakeholders happy,” which is easy to understand.

An Unchanging Aspiration from Our Establishment to the Present Day

An Unchanging Aspiration from Our Establishment to the Present Day

“Contributing to national culture”

Founding Charter

NGK SPARK PLUG was established in 1936 in a spin-off of the Spark Plug Division of NGK INSULATORS, LTD., our founding entity.

This is the Founding Charter created 80 years ago when NGK SPARK PLUG first came into being.

This Founding Charter allows us a glimpse of the objectives and aspirations at the time of the company’s establishment. According to this, “The internal combustion engine was in the process of shifting into exports due to rapid progress in traffic conditions. NGK INSULATORS, LTD., which has focused on this, has repeatedly conducted research into spark plugs since 1922, and we will establish NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. in order to further develop and advance this area, contributing to national culture.”

In other words, it can be seen that NGK SPARK PLUG was established with the objective of contributing to national culture (the internal combustion engine industry).

The Aspiration Contained in Our Corporate Philosophy

“Contributing to the peoples of the world”

Corporate Philosophy

We created our Corporate Philosophy in 1996, the 60th anniversary of our establishment. A corporate philosophy expresses a constant approach for a company to promote its business activities.
The three elements of Commitment, Management Policy and Action Guideline constitute our Corporate Philosophy, which states, “We will deepen mutual trust and confidence, suggest new value with our eyes on the future, and contribute to the peoples of the world” as its slogan.

Thus, while the times when each of them was created are different, NGK SPARK PLUG has maintained a constant aspiration to “contribute to the nation and the world,” that is society, since its establishment.

Wanting to serve society through business

Building Positive Relationships with Society Through Business

Our connections with society

NGK SPARK PLUG engages in business activities with the aspiration of “wanting to serve society through business.” Society here indicates the people and organizations with which we have relationships and they are called “stakeholders.”
“Stakeholders” refers to the suppliers that deliver raw materials and equipment to us, the customers that buy the products we sell, and the employees involved in our business activities. The shareholders and investors that provide us with capital and the local communities and international society where we have production and sales sites are also our stakeholders. Meanwhile, although not a stakeholder in the sense of referring to people or organizations, we are also connected with the environment that takes in the CO2 and the waste discharged by our business activities and consideration for the environment is also a responsibility that a company should fulfil.

Acting in Accordance with Our Promotion System Based on Our CSR Philosophy and Policy

Organization of our CSR Philosophy and Policy

CSR Promotion System

The CSR Committee determines the priority themes for each fiscal year, to implement CSR Policy. The Committee also oversees and evaluates CSR-related activities implemented by the respective expert committees and divisions, and makes appropriate proposals regarding them, so as to achieve full optimization of CSR activities, thereby strengthening our business foundations.
The CSR Committee sets up respective working groups as deemed appropriate, each of which holds discussions on specific themes to develop countermeasures. We have established a company-wide CSR promotion system by securing close coordination between the CSR Committee, the CSR Promotion Sub-Committee and expert committees.

Establishing Targets for CSR Promotion Activities

We have identified the material issues for the NGK SPARK PLUG Group and established medium-term targets for fiscal 2020 and short-term targets for each year. In the establishment of short-term targets, the individual expert committees and departments prepared targets reflecting the Corporate Philosophy, Corporate Code of Conduct and CSR Policy based on a recognition of expectations and needs from stakeholders, and these targets were approved by the CSR Committee.

10 fields of activities and 41 targets

Implementing Initiatives Aimed at Raising Awareness of CSR

We continuously implement CSR awareness-raising activities.

We have been running elementary CSR training since 2014 as an awareness-raising activity so each and every employee feels more familiar with CSR.
Our elementary CSR training is expected to lead to changes in awareness about work, an increase in motivation, and pride in the company as employees become aware of the connections between themselves and society and of their contribution to society.
In addition, we regularly publish the CSR Newsletter and hold lectures by experts to continually raise awareness of CSR.


Each Individual Is Aware, Considers, and Acts

In our elementary CSR training, after learning about the establishment of the company, the significance of CSR, and relationships with stakeholders, employees participate in group work that uses card games which get participants to recognize who their stakeholders are and to consider by themselves how to make these stakeholders happy.

By being aware of and considering the fact that the company makes stakeholders happy in various ways, the awareness of individual employees changes and their actions change. As a result, the company changes and makes stakeholders happy again. Through such a cycle, we will continue to be a company that is indispensable to the world.

Making stakeholders happy