With Our Shareholders and Investors

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Information Disclosure Policy

Aiming to become an enterprise capable of receiving great support and popularity from people around the world, we strive to conduct transparent business operations and fair information disclosure.

Action Guidelines

  • We disclose any corporate information required to be disclosed by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other laws and regulations, in an accurate and timely manner.
  • We actively disclose our corporate information, which is not subject to laws and regulations however deemed to be important for stakeholders, through our daily actions, such as issuance of press releases and updates of our website.
  • We focus on enhancing communication with our shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders to further promote mutual understanding with them.

Basic Philosophy

At NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. we are well aware that promoting transparent and fair information disclosure is indispensable to having all our stakeholders better understand and evaluate our business operations. To achieve this goal, in addition to meeting the legal standards of information disclosure, we also strive to strengthen information disclosure through various media and promptly post information on our website, with the aim of ensuring stakeholders' greater trust in our business operations.

Shareholders' Meeting

We send out the notice of convocation for our Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting even earlier than the legal deadline so that shareholders can give adequate consideration to the reports and resolutions. We also translate part of the notice of convocation into English for overseas shareholders and post it on the company website together with the Japanese version.

Furthermore, we are striving to create a suitable environment for the exercise of shareholders’ rights, including making it possible to exercise rights from a PC or a mobile phone in addition to the exercise of rights in writing.

The 115th general meeting of shareholders

Renewing the IR Page on the Corporate Website

We have renewed both the Japanese and English versions of our corporate website as well as remaking the IR page in order to deepen stakeholders’ understanding of NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. We have published highlights of financial and business result and have also enhanced information on stocks and bonds. Furthermore, we set up a new page aimed at individual investors which introduces our business and points out our strengths. Going forward, we will continue to develop a system that prioritizes fair disclosure of information and meets the diverse needs of shareholders and investors inside and outside Japan.

Corporate website

Engaging in Activities to Make Shareholders and Investors Familiar with NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD.

We hold company briefing sessions for shareholders and investors. In fiscal 2015, in order to raise our profile, which remains low nationwide, we visited areas all over Japan again to get the unedited opinions of investors and our shareholders. We will continue to value dialogue with all investors and our shareholders.

Voice of Our Investor Relations Representative

Aiming to Raise Corporate Value

Our goal in the Public Relations Department is to get all stakeholders to understand the company “accurately,” “deeply,” and “constantly,” to raise corporate value.
Going forward, we will continue to make every effort to disseminate the appropriate information and raise the quality of communication.

Public Relations Dept. Uchikawa

Returning Profits to Shareholders

Returning profits to our shareholders is one of the most important policies for our management, and have consistent and stable payment of dividends as a basic policy. We also consider the return of profits in line with earnings as important, and we plan to continue the payment of interim and year-end dividends with a target consolidated payout ratio of at least 30%, giving comprehensive consideration to a stable dividend level, which is our basic policy, and internal reserves to allocate capital expenditure and investment for the R&D required for our future growth, and business expansion and streamlining.
Furthermore, we also recognize that repurchase of own shares is effective for increasing capital efficiency, and we hope to carry out such acquisitions as necessary.
The dividend per share during fiscal 2015 was 42 yen.

*Position and job title are as of fiscal year 2015.