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About icons

Link icons meanings
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About RSS

"RSS" is a format to deliver headline information (such as title, outline and so on) written by XML (a language for sending and receiving data). "RSS Reader" or a compatible browser for RSS allows you to receive the latest information without your access to the website.

  • The contents or format of the RSS service on this website may change without notice.
  • We cannot answer inquiries regarding functions or usage instructions of softwares provided by third parties, such as an RSS reader.

How to search a keyword in this website

The search box will be displayed when you click a search icon at the top of the page. Input keywords of what you want to search, and then click the "search" button. Subsequently pages matching the input keywords will be displayed in "searching results."

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The site structure from the top page to current page is displayed on the upper left corner of the page. By clicking the link, you can directly jump to the upper page.

About system requirements

Please jump to "Terms of Use" page for check the system requirements.

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