Aiming to become an enterprise capable of receiving great support and popularity from people around the world, we strive to conduct transparent business operations and fair information disclosure.

Action Guidelines

  • We disclose any corporate information required to be disclosed by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other laws and regulations, in an accurate and timely manner.
  • We actively disclose our corporate information, which is not subject to laws and regulations however deemed to be important for stakeholders, through our daily actions, such as issuance of a press release and updates of our website.
  • We focus on enhancing communication with our shareholders, investors and other stakeholders to further promote mutual understanding with them.

Disclosure Procedure

With respect to disclosure based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, we disclose information in an accurate manner by the "Electronic Disclosure for Investors' NETwork: EDINET" in accordance with securities listing rules and in a timely manner by the TSE's "Timely Disclosure network:TDnet." Information is also posted on our company's web site.

Notes Regarding Projected Eearnings and Forward-looking Statements

Plans, projected earnings, strategies, and other forward-looking statements that are posted on our web site are based on the judgment of management in accordance with information ascertainable on the day and time of their announcement. Please note that such forward-looking statements are merely a projection of the future and may differ from actual business results due to the intensification of price competitiveness in the market, fluctuations in the business environment in which we operate, fluctuating exchange rates, major changes in the market price in capital markets, various risks, and other determining factors.

Setting of IR Silent Period

To prevent the leakage of accounting information and ensure fairness, the four weeks or so preceding the announcement of financial statements shall be set aside as an IR silent period during which we will refrain from holding individual meetings and other presentations and from answering comments and inquiries about the settlement of accounts. However, as an exception, we will disclose information during this period as we see fit when the prospect of major changes in projected earnings has arisen.