Started a New Medium-term Management Plan
"Break to change. Change to create."

Thank you for your continued support to the NGK SPARK PLUG Group.

Overview of Q2 FY2021 (April - September 2021)

In the second quarter of the fiscal year ending March 2022, the NGK SPARK PLUG Group enjoyed record high revenue of 234.5 billion yen and operating income of 33.9 billion yen. Sales and profits increased year on year. The sales of OE spark plugs and sensors are in a difficult situation because of the car production cuts caused by the semiconductor shortage. Revenue, however, increased due to the strong sales of aftermarket spark plugs and semiconductor production equipment recovering from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the depreciation of the yen. Operating income increased as a result of the increase in the ratio of aftermarket spark plugs, the depreciation of the yen, and the cost control.

New Medium-term Management Plan

We have launched a New Medium-term Management Plan. This New Medium-term Management Plan is a plan to achieve the "ideal form" defined in the 2030 Long-term Management Plan “NITTOKU BX" formulated in 2020. Under the slogan of "Change with Will!!," we will keep what we need, change what we need to change, and create a new value. As a business strategy, we will maximize cash generation in current businesses and proactively allocate management resources to growing and new businesses in order to transform the business portfolio. Toward a sustainable society, we aim to realize a decarbonized society by reducing greenhouse gases emitted from all of our Group's business operations to virtually zero by 2050.

We would like to ask for your continued support.

Shinichi Odo
Representative Director Chairman of the Board
Shinichi Odo

Takeshi Kawai
President & Chief Operating Officer
Takeshi Kawai