Semiconductor Packages and Substrates

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We offer IC packages suitable for electronics and smart devices, and also offer manufacturing parts for semiconductor.

NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD., known as NTK in Semiconductor Industry

In the nearly fifty years since NTK first began manufacturing IC packages in 1967, the company has continued to support the evolution of the semiconductor industry.

Always considering "What package technologies will draw the maximum performance from semiconductors?", NTK leverages its technologies to meet the customers' needs in everything from standardized packages to customized packages.

Our values

  • With NTK's technology and expertise, developed through many years of ceramic package manufacturing, NTK provides benefits below to the customers.
    • Flexible shape capability by strictly controlled green sheet lamination technology
    • Range of applications from single-layer to multilayer ceramics
    • Bonding a variety of metal fittings to ceramics
    • Wide-variety of plating options to produce reliable surface finish
    • Broad selection of Standard Tools
    • Flexible production capability, accepting small-quantity orders to high volume production requirements
    • Quick delivery

What are the IC Package's Roles?

Semiconductor package acts various roles to protect the IC chip and transmit an electrical signal and so on.