About Us

What kind of company is Niterra?

Niterra Co., Ltd. continues to expand into diverse areas of business based on technical development of ceramics,
an essential element of plugs.

Niterra's Strengths

Our strengths lie in our R&D capabilities, which enable us to conduct consistent research and development from material research to commercialization, as well as our technical capabilities cultivated in ceramics, and a global supply chain built around spark plugs.

Tracing the history of Niterra

Niterra started in 1936 when the plug division of the Morimura Group became independent. Explore the history of its development.

Niterra's management strategy

Niterra has contributed to society through ceramics. Standing at this turning point in time, we are about to make a big change for the next generation. Here we will introduce the content of this change.

Sustainability at Niterra

Niterra is working on sustainability to fulfill its responsibilities as a global company.

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