Business Descriptions - NGK SPARK PLUGS

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Contributing to the New Automobile Society Through High Technological Strength and Reliable Quality

Currently, a wide range of qualities are required to make motorization a reality – safety, comfort, convenience, and high environmental performance. In addition to boasting the world’s No.1 share of the spark plug market, NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. has developed excellent eco-efficiency products. From here on, too, we will contribute to the new automobile society as sought after by the world through high technological strength and reliable quality.

Main Products

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs electrically ignite the air-gasoline fuel mixture in internal combustion engines and other engines. NGK spark plugs help improve fuel consumption through their high ignition properties.


Glow Plugs

These products aid diesel engines when they are started up. Diesel engines are referred to as “compression ignition internal combustion engines.” Air sucked into these engines is compressed to high temperature to promote fuel ignite spontaneously.

Product Information