Business Descriptions - NTK TECHNICAL CERAMICS

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We are expanding the potential of ceramics by using their amazing material properties and innovative ideas.

Ceramics demonstrate various properties such as insulation resistance, heat resistance, compatibility with living tissue, and piezoelectricity, to name but a few. We have made full use of these properties, and are proposing products to enrich industry and our lives. The domain that our product lineup covers has extended to include sensors, cutting tools and medicine, amongst others, and we are bringing to our customers high value-added products that have been created through the experience and expertise we have gained over the years.

Main Products

Sensors and Plugs Related

Sensors detect oxygen concentrations to ensure optimum combustion at all times so that stricter gas emission regulations can be complied with and fuel consumption can be improved.

Product Information

Semiconductor Packages / Substrates

Cutting Tools

These tools are used for cutting parts and components in the automobile, aircraft and other industries. Cutting tools are not made only of ceramics. We are also developing tools made of micro grain carbide alloys and new high-tech materials.


Medical Products

We are putting our ceramic high-tech materials technology to full use in developing oxygen concentrators, bio ceramics that are required to be compatible with living tissue, and other applications. We will continue with R&D so that we can contribute to improve patients’ QOL (Quality Of Life).

Product Information

Fine Ceramics

The applications of products that contribute to industry and the environment are being extended to a wide range of fields as “Fine Ceramics.”

Product Information