Long-term Management Plan

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Overview of the Long-term Management Plan

In 2010 (the fiscal year ending March 2011 is from April 2010 to March 2011), the NGK SPARK PLUG's GROUP established its long-term management plan -- "The Evolution of NGK SPARK PLUG." This plan puts forward the vision of what the company should be in the year 2020 -- "Monozukuri Company," "Highly Profitable Company," "Progressive Company," and "Human 'Asset' Company." The company will be steadily improving on the three steps of "Delving," "Renovating" and "Evolving" as processes for making this plan a reality with the eventual aim of becoming a company that can offer "Real Value" to all of its stakeholders.

“Our Ideal Image in the Year 2020”

“Our Ideal Image in the Year 2020 – The 4 Qualitative Targets”

With a view to achieving the vision of “Our Ideal Image in the Year 2020” that comprises four qualitative targets, since 2011, the NGK SPARK PLUG's GROUP has endeavored to improve and move forward through the three stages of “Delving,” “Renovating” and “Evolving.”
Just over halfway on our path to 2020, we have concisely expressed the “elements” of these four qualitative targets and have clarified and incorporated them as “initiative statements.”
As a result, we will vigorously accelerate our initiative towards the year 2020, and renew our commitment to provide “Real Value” to all of our stakeholders.

1 Monozukuri Company


“Unique core technology”
“Optimum quality created by all employee participation and manufacturing / technological innovation”
“The No.1 leading company delivering ‘Real Value’”

[Initiative Statement]

We will make use of core and new technologies to continue creating world-leading products that only we can make. And, with the participation of all employees in the company, we will produce optimal quality through manufacturing and technological innovation, continue to provide customers around the world with cost-competitive “Real Value,” and build our company up into a leading Monozukuri company with an overwhelming presence and gain No.1 status in the global community.

2 Highly Profitable Company


“Global manufacturing and sales networks”
“Speedy, flexible business development capable of adapting to change”
“Sustained growth through strategic investment”

[Initiative Statement]

We will make full use of our globally expanding manufacturing and sales networks, and at the same time speedily and flexibly develop business while adapting to the changing times. Through sustained growth by strategic investment of income generated by our high earning capacity, we will build ourselves into a creative highly profitable company that is able to continually provide “Real Value.”

3 Progressive Company


“Corporate Governance System for elevating corporate value”
“Assertive dialogue with stakeholders and contribution to people around the world”
“Operations that will support the development of society”

[Initiative Statement]

We will observe international standards and regional laws and ordinances based on a global-standard system of corporate governance, and will develop environmentally friendly products to further advance our environmental contribution. While assertively engaging in dialogue with all stakeholders-investors, customers, employees and everyone in local communities, we will support people around the world, and build ourselves into a progressive company that will continue to provide “Real Value” to society.

4 Human 'Asset' Company


“Fair corporate culture in which diverse personnel can further excel”
“Framework that allows people to be autonomous, challenging and active”
“High professional pride and company loyalty”

[Initiative Statement]

We will create a fair corporate culture and mechanism where diverse and talented personnel transcending race, generation and gender can anticipate change from a global perspective, deal with issues while assertively expressing opinions, and welcome new challenges. We will build ourselves into a human “asset” company where talented personnel with high awareness as professionals and a love of society can gather and continue to provide “Real Value” to themselves and society.