Message from President

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Boldly face tasks with "mind of challenge"

Since its foundation in 1936, the NGK SPARK PLUG group has been exploring the possibilities of ceramics, thus contributing to social development. It has been making efforts to establish a good relationship with customers under our spirit of “participation of all employees” and “producing quality products”, which was the starting point of our skilled manufacturing (MONOZUKURI).

NGK SPARK PLUG is now entering a period of great changes during its more than 80 years of history. We have continued its growth along with automotive-related business; however, technological innovation as seen in the field of electric vehicles, is rapidly advancing with unimaginable speed, thereby greatly changing economic structure itself. Now is the chance for NGK SPARK PLUG not to be satisfied with the status quo but to make the best use of this trend and take a giant leap toward a new stage.

In 2010, NGK SPARK PLUG started a long-term management plan called Nittoku Shinka-ron with an eye to our business 10 years ahead. From the fiscal year ending March 2020, we will be entering a stage of Shinka (true value). To keep contributing to society as an indispensable company, our company urgently needs to establish market-based business, as well as to accelerate the expansion and work efficiency of our existing business model with a focus on our core technologies.

NGK SPARK PLUG group will aim to stand on a new stage by thinking and acting on its own regardless of the past achievements. In today’s rapidly changing environment, each and every one of our employees will make efforts to solve social challenges with a sense of crisis while having a common value (common axis, JIKU) called the “Nittoku Way” that has been cultivated over the years, as well as constantly focusing on a new mindset, that is, a mind of challenge for something new.

We appreciate for your continued patronage and support for the NGK SPARK PLUG group in advance.

Shinichi Odo
Representative Director Chairman of the Board
Shinichi Odo

Takeshi Kawai
President & Chief Operating Officer
Takeshi Kawai