Since its foundation in 1936, the Niterra Group has been exploring the potential of ceramics and contributing to social development while building trust with our customers, driven by the mindset of "Participation of all employees" and "Producing quality products," which are the starting points for all our manufacturing. By doing so, we have worked to earn the trust of customers in Japan and overseas under the "NGK SPARK PLUG" company name.

However, in an era when the automotive industry is undergoing a once-in-a-century transformation, we believe that in order to achieve solutions to social issues faster than ever before, in our various initiatives we need to bring about change that is not simply an extension of the past.

As part of this effort, we have decided to change our English company name from its existing name, NGK SPARK PLUG. Our new English company name is Niterra. This is a coined word that combines the Latin words "niteo," (meaning "shine") and "terra" (meaning "earth"). It expresses the Group's desire and commitment to become a company that brightens the global environment—that truly makes the earth shine.

With technologies that transcend the realm of ceramics, our Group helps realize a better society by addressing diverse global issues. While maintaining the shared values of the "Nittoku Way" that we have cultivated over the years, each and every Niterra employee will stay mindful of our call to action—"Change with Will !!"—and will continue to seek solutions to social issues with the highest aspirations.

We sincerely appreciate your continued, generous support of the Niterra Group.

we need to bring about change that is not simply an extension of the past