As outlined in our "2030 Long-Term Management Plan, NITTOKU BX," we are committed to transitioning our business portfolio centered on the internal combustion engine to one that will drive transformation through a combination of existing and new businesses, enabling us to achieve stable and sustainable growth. As we approach the final year of our midterm management plan, which targeted the first four years, we are making significant strides toward our goals while considering the roadmap for the next midterm management plan.

Last year, our group changed our English trade name to revamp our logo and rebrand ourselves as “Niterra Group” (pronounced Nite-ra). Underlying the new group logo, "Niterra" aspires to become a company that makes the Earth shine. We are determined to contribute to resolving various global challenges, addressing them through the development of technology, products, and services, and making a positive impact towards realizing a sustainable society.

We sincerely appreciate your continued, generous support of the Niterra Group.

we need to bring about change that is not simply an extension of the past