Communication to Customers

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Basic Philosophy

For the reliable supply of our products and services to our customers all over the world while satisfying their demands and requests, we have been making efforts to perform high-level communication with customers in various ways. We are offering correct and appropriate information on the website or in exhibition always from the customer-oriented point of view.

Providing Services Demanded by Customers from a Customer-oriented Perspective

We also provide high quality services based on the appropriate technology and knowledge as well as long experience in the automobile aftermarket and promote diverse activities responding to requests of customers from a customer-oriented perspective around the globe. We put efforts into technical knowledge training for marketing staff in Japan and overseas as well as the training of overseas technical marketing staff to enhance the communication with users by holding training sessions for mechanics working on the automobile maintenance site, or students as would-be mechanics, or running an event for arousing interests of end users in the spark plug inspection.
In addition, we promote market research activities as well as feedback by collecting and providing technical information and new car and model information, and work on initiatives to further increase customer satisfaction by responding to customer inquiries, and to our website, and providing diversified services including technical support to cope with complaints.

OJT activities in maintenance shop (India)
Plug setting experience using VR at the exhibition. (Japan)
Training session for mechanics (Japan)

Responding to Inquiries and Complaints

Inquiries and complaints on our products received from customers are first accepted at our sales division. Then the quality assurance division works together with the technical division to quickly respond and take necessary actions to the inquiries and complaints.

Response to Inquiries or Complaints

Information Dissemination on the Web

“NGK SPARKPLUGS PLUG STUDIO” is our website for detailed information about our products including NGK spark plugs. Customers can also search for parts by vehicle or model. The website also features information on motor sports, primarily teams supported by NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. as well as upcoming exhibitions and events.
We have set up official Facebook and Instagram accounts for NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. to further inform more customers of the NGK spark plug brand.

We launched the "NTK Cutting Tools" site specifically for NTK cutting tools. It provides easy-to-understand information such as videos related to cutting, a cutting tool search system that allows for searching by application and shape, along with the latest event information.

Communication through Exhibitions and Events

We make sure to have PR booths at exhibits and motor sports events.
These provide valuable opportunities that allow us to meet with customers and explain our products and technologies directly, and we also use these opportunities to identify constantly evolving needs.

PR booth exhibits at racing venues

In fiscal 2018, we exhibited a total of six times in PR booths at racing venues while motorcycle and automotive racing events were being held. In addition to introducing our products to motor sport fans, we held stage events many customers participated in. On April in that year, we supported SUZUKA 2&4 race, the greatest form of motorcycle and automotive racing events held in Japan as the title sponsor. We succeeded in making close link between the NGK spark plug brand and the motor sports known to a wide range of customers.


Participation in Automotive Engineering Exposition 2018

We participated in “Automotive Engineering Exposition 2018” in Yokohama and Nagoya, as the exhibition specializing in automotive technologies. We introduced our key products including spark plug, glow plug, and various types of sensors all contributing to improved fuel efficiency and emission reduction. We also introduced our latest technologies to visitors by demonstrating the “compact multi-gas measurement device (NCEM®)” capable of measuring exhaust gas of the traveling vehicle, and the “hydrogen leakage detection sensor” as the requisite component for the fuel-cell vehicle.


Participating in the 29th Japan International Machine Tool Fair (JIMTOF2018)

We participated in the 29th Japan International Machine Tool Fair (JIMTOF 2018). JIMTOF is one of the three major machine tool exhibitions in the world. We showed NTK cutting tools for various applications, including heat-resistant alloy processing and automatic machines based on the concept of meeting customer needs. At JIMTOF 2018, we introduced a variety of problem-solving cutting tools using videos and models that can achieve high levels of efficiency and prolong product life to better meet the needs of customers.


Responding Product Defects

We make it a rule that any product defect we have detected and found to possibly cause harm to customers be immediately announced to the public through our websites, newspapers, trade journals and other media as appropriate and that we simultaneously implement countermeasures against such defects to protect all users.