Quality Policy and Implementation Structure

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Corporate Quality Policy

We are committed to "Customer focus", "Involvement of all members", "Continuous Improvement", to provide "Quality Products" to the society, and create new value.

Action Guidelines

  • We strive to take a customer‒oriented approach to provide quality products and services, aiming to ensure greater customer satisfaction in all our business activities.
  • We are engaged in quality improvement activities through the companywide cooperation and encourage our employees to achieve higher goals by making the best use of their individual abilities and creativity and uniting their efforts to address problems and challenging issues.
  • We strive to continue improving our processes, systems, products, and services, aiming to respond to ever changing social/market environments and the diverse expectations and needs of customers.

Basic Philosophy

NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. regards all the value, expectations, and evaluations provided to customers through products and services, and all the people, goods, processes, and arrangements involved in producing them as "quality."
We are always conscious of making the best value for customers, and, aware that we are the ones who support quality, we continue to grow, ambitiously applying creativity and imagination to all operations.
We create value for customers in accordance with our Corporate Quality Rules and Corporate Quality Policy. We will continue to contribute to society with safe and trusted manufacturing, as well as the development of human resources who effectively and efficiently implement total quality management (TQM), which enables us to respond flexibly and promptly to the evolving internal and external business environment.

Quality Management System

To continue providing products and services that meet customer needs, the "Quality Management System (QMS)" is essential. The QMS helps us promote systems that differentiates our business and improve our organizational structure as well as acquiring ISO 9001 certification.

As we enter the medical device market, we are working to obtain ISO 13485 certification, an international standard for the medical device industry, by developing the systems and conducting internal audits, focusing on compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Quality Management System

In order to meet the demands of our customers and various industries which handle our products, NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. are strengthening quality assurance operations for providing new values to our customers. Also, we strive to operate good quality management systems by gaining outside certifications which are required in various business areas as well as international regulations such as ISO9001.
The quality assurance committee, as a part of corporate governance system, formulates and decides policies and instructions to optimize our various functions from the whole company’s point of view. Furthermore, the Quality Assurance Conference has a quality exhibition room inside the company to share issues and findings regarding quality problems outside and inside the company. By exhibiting panels of all past issues, we educate ourselves, avoid forgetting them and show our commitment towards quality held by our founder and current management. We constantly strive for better quality and to provide better services.

Quality Management Promotion System (FY2018)