Process for defining materiality and CSR targets

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Defining the Materiality of Our Priority CSR Themes

In 2016, we defined the materiality of our priority CSR themes. We also established 10 fields of activities and 41 medium-term targets based on the 7th Medium-term Management Plan.
Going forward, we will repeatedly conduct dialog with major stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, shareholders and investors, employees and the local communities, while pursuing stakeholder engagement and continuing to review materiality and targets in line with the times. We will continue to identify materiality and review our goals according to the needs of the time such as SDGs*.

*SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are the goals adopted in 2015 at the United Nations. These goals are set to be achieved by UN member states by 2030.

Definition Process for the Materiality of Priority Themes

Evaluation of Materiality : Policy / Target Setting

2010 – 2012

    ・Establish new CSR Policy

    ・Set “complete prevalence of CSR” as our medium-term theme for the fifth Medium-term Management Plan (fiscal 2010 – 2012)

2013 – 2014

    ・Set Complete prevalence of CSR application, and globalize CSR activities as the medium-term theme in the sixth Medium-term Management Plan (fiscal 2013 - 2015), and established 10 fields of activities and 30 CSR medium-term targets.


    ・Establish 10 fields of activities and 42 targets to aim "Progressive Company" as the 7th Medium-term Management Plan (fiscal 2016 – 2020)

Evaluation of Materiality : Risk (Loss and Opportunity) Analysis

2010 - 2012

    ・Implemented CSR fact finding survey (management and performance of principle departments). As a result, "compliance", "business continuity plan (BCP)", and "information disclosure" identified as three priority medium-term initiatives.

2013 - 2016

    ・Implemented risk survey after identifying risk management as the medium-term priority initiative. As a result, compiled 370 specific examples with 21 classifications and 101 definitions and identified 21 material risks on two axes of degree of materiality and implementation status


    ・Choose “Promoting BCM (Business Continuity Management)” and “Preventing corruption “identified as our group’s priority risk management initiatives.

Evaluation of Materiality : Dialogue with Important Stakeholders

2010 - 2018

    ・Held environmental meetings (local communities, NGK SPARK PLUG)

    ・Gap analysis of our CSR and SRI evaluation

    ・Participated in local disaster prevention meetings (government, citizens, NPOs, corporations)

    ・Participated in information exchange meetings with neighboring companies held at Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Activity Review

2010 - 2012

    ・Three priority initiatives reviewed by CSR Committee

2013 - 2016

    ・Important risk responses reviewed by CSR Committee

2013 - 2018

    ・41 CSR medium-term targets reviewed by CSR Committee

2017 - 2018

    ・Group unified priority risk initiatives reviewed by CSR Committee

Standards and Guidelines for Reference and Analysis Tools

    ・Japan Auto Parts Industries Association (JAPIA) guidelines & checklist

    ・Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) guidelines & checklist

    ・Japan Business Federation "Charter of Corporate Behavior Action Plan"

    ・GRI G4 Guidelines

    ・ISO 26000

    ・ISO 31000 risk analysis sheets, risk maps, risk management tables

Mid-Term CSR Target

Field of Activities Mid-term Targets
(by fiscal 2020)
Department in Charge
Management Company-wide CSR Management ・Implement PDCA cycle to promote CSR on a global basis Public Relations Dept.
・Promote CSR awareness-raising activities on a global basis
  Company-wide Promotion System ・Construct a global promotion system Compliance Committee
・Continue education on helpline content
・Continue compliance awareness and knowledge training
・Continue monitoring of compliance awareness and knowledge and corporate culture change
Security Control ・Deploy educational tools to NGK SPARK PLUG and group companies in Japan and monitor implementation status and effectiveness Confidentiality Management Committee
・"Continuously improve security control, including group companies, and establish system for surveillance of implementation status
Export Control ・Establish a system for surveillance of implementation status of appropriate export controls, including group companies Export Control Committee
Information Security ・Continuously reduce security risk of group companies through deployment of Group Information Security Regulations Information Systems Dept.
Respect for and Protection of Intellectual Property Rights ・Implement patent review activities for mainstay products prior to design review meeting, including group companies Intellectual Property Dept.
・Establish new methods to deal with increasingly sophisticated counterfeiters, particularly in emerging countries
・Have at least 15% of submitted patents be differentiation patents utilizing a patent portfolio that adds rivals' information
・Involve trademark aspects in strengthening our brand organization
・Enhance intellectual property education, including group companies
Risk Management
  BCP/BCM ・Expand business continuity management system to group companies in Japan Risk Management Dept.
・Construct a management system that can respond to not only earthquakes but also other disasters
・Construct a procurement BCP framework and expand and operate it at group companies Procurement Div.
・IT-BCP countermeasures for server infrastructure (cloud utilization) Information Systems Dept.
Company-wide Risk Management ・Build company-wide risk management suited to NGK SPARK PLUG Risk Management Dept.
With Our Customers Safety and Quality ・Expand quality assurance to all group companies with a focus on goods for all customers Quality Committee, Corporate Quality Management Div.
・Expand quality management to all group companies aimed at delivering value to all customers
With Our Shareholders and Investors Information Disclosure ・Disseminate information that leads to increased shareholder trust Public Relations Dept.
・Disseminate information in an easy-to-understand and approachable manner on a global level
・Construct a framework for an IR strategy aimed at institutional investors Accounting & Finance Dept.
・Disseminate information that captures stakeholders' expectations and the changes in social trends Public Relations Dept.
With Our Employees Employment and Human Rights ・Implement fair evaluations that correspond to clear expectations Strategic Human Resources Dept.
・Establish educational programs that target the leaders of each group company
・Employ diverse human resources strategically
・Achieve personnel and human resources functions that contribute to the promotion of management strategy
・Further encourage the promotion of active participation by women
・Zero workers leaving their jobs in order to provide nursing care
・Achieve the mandatory number for employment of people with disabilities
・Promote active participation by seniors
Occupational Safety and Health ・Raise productivity by decreasing the rate of onset of mental illness Personnel and Labor Relations Dept.
・Develop systems that make it difficult for accidents to occur aimed at developing a global safety culture Safety and Health Committee,
Environment & Safety Management Dept.
With Our Suppliers CSR Procurement ・Improve the framework for evaluation aimed at global optimum procurement and deploy and operate at group companies Procurement Div.
・Reduce risk in the supply chain by thoroughly establishing CSR procurement Procurement Div., Risk Management Dept.
・Promote education and enlightenment aimed at reducing risk utilizing supplier seminars, etc.
With Local Communities and International Society Social Contribution ・Continually enhance the social status of the NGK SPARK PLUG Group through social contribution activities Public Relations Dept.
For Environmental Protection Environment ・Promote environmental activities aimed at achieving global Eco Vision Environmental Committee,
Environment & Safety Management Dept.

Fiscal Year CSR Target and Results

We carry out CSR promotion activities according to the medium-term targets and fiscal year targets.
Our CSR Committee checked the progress of targets for fiscal 2018 and formulated new targets for fiscal 2019 as part of achieving our medium-term targets. When formulating policy, each expert committee and division first confirmed the expectations and demands of all our stakeholders. They then drafted medium-term targets in relation to SDGs. Finally, the CSR Committee approved them.