Human Resource Development

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Basic Philosophy

We aim at the development of those who can communicate the company's traditional attitude of emphasizing quality-oriented principle to younger employees, and also those who are dependable and have the ability to cope with changes inside and outside the organization and follow through reforms. To this end, we implement diverse education and training programs systematically, based on our corporate Human Resources Development Concept, with the aim of ensuring continuous capacity building of employees.

Education / Training Programs

Our education and training activities consist mainly of OJT (on-the-job-training), through which employees are trained to acquire technologies and knowledge in their normal working situation. We also offer OFF-JT (off-the-job-training), providing employees with new technologies, knowledge, and skills outside their respective workplaces.
We have a wide range of OFF-JT programs that include training by organizational level and role to provide necessary knowledge and skills, product quality education, environment and safety education, manufacturing education, education in global business and career development support. During fiscal 2018, 10,220 employees participated in OFF-JT programs.
We also promote the operation of the ETP (Education & Training Planning) system which is intended to improve the ability of employees necessary for individual departments. In reference to the abilities needed by the company in the expected role evaluation, those necessary for the individual departments are specifically defined. Then the system will be implemented by conducting the education and training systematically for improving the specific ability. Evaluation and education in the respective departments for the ability improvement are coordinated so that the system is operated to achieve the companywide improvement for competitiveness.

Implementation of training

FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Total hours of training* 84,816 86,252 81,632

*The total hours of training: the hours x the number of students, for training (level-specific training, global training etc.) conducted by the Strategic Human Resources Dept.

Efforts to Upgrade Monozukuri Skills

NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LT. is a manufacturing company, maintaining and creating a new manufacturing site which helps to connect both values and information by utilizing IoT and AI.
We continually provide education and training for our employees to acquire the necessary skills at the appropriate times at the Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Education and Training Center.
At the Monozukuri Education and Training Center, we prepare practical experience kits and have an elaborated curriculum that includes safety, quality, maintenance, and improvement, corresponding to the level of knowledge and skills of the trainees so that they can complete the work on an interactive basis in the small group. For new employees, our we provide discipline-based training to enrich employees’ ability to contribute to society and foster staff capable of following procedure to maintain the highest quality of products.
Since establishing the system, we have provided education for new employees, education for departmental transferees, seminars for suppliers, education for general applicants, and education for overseas group companies’ employees.
We also developed on-site learning and operating environments in order to maintain and enhance manufacturing skills at the overseas group companies.
We promote the curriculum and systems for the benefit of our employees, including a system to comprehensively master skills through level-based education and to measure and improve the effectiveness of education.

Monozukuri Education and Training