Health Promotion Activities

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Basic Philosophy

We announced "Being your best physical and mental condition to your workplace and bring them to your home with good smile" as our company slogan. Self-discipline is a key to the maintenance of one's condition, and we promote employee's autonomous health management efforts.
We shared the Health Management Declaration both inside and outside the company in order to promote our various measures for supporting employee health from the perspective of preventing lifestyle-related disease, mental health issues, and secondhand smoke.

Health and Productivity Management

  • I. The NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. Group declares that we will support the health of each and every employee and promote Kenkokeiei (Health and productivity) by viewing the health of our employees as one of the most important management resources in order to realize sustainable growth.
  • II. We will respect the diversity and individuality of each employee and promote the creation of a workplace in which each employee can fully demonstrate his or her abilities as well as work energetically.
  • III. We will work together with the labor and health insurance unions to actively engage in health promotion activities that include employees’ families from a long-term perspective.

*Kenkokeiei is a registered trademark of NPO Kenkokeiei.

Priority Measures
1) Prevention of lifestyle-related diseases
  • Review of diet and exercise habits
  • Follow up on those requiring special attention
  • Group education and activities
2) Mental health
  • Prevention through self-care
  • Subordinate care enhancement
  • Work environment improvement
3) Secondhand smoke prevention
  • Promote quitting smoking
  • Prevent secondhand smoke

Health Checkups

Our industrial physicians, general practitioners and public health nurses always follow up with employees with respect to findings in their health checkups and refer them to medical institutions when necessary. These coordinated efforts allow employees to maintain and improve their own health.

Strengthening of Mental Health Care

We are working on in-house and external Line-Care educational programs for managers and implementing to read the Self-care hand book in our workplace to make our employee prevent awareness of disease and self-management of health. Also, we are strongly working on in-house lectures and setting up the Support-line for employees who feel stress and problems mentally.
We also carry out stress checks and analyze the mental and physical impacts that the workplace environment has on employees for the prevention of mental illness among employees due to stress in our efforts to create a safe and secure workplace environment.
Thanks to the evaluation with respect to our activities, we have been certified as “Corporate Health Achievement Award Winners – White 500” sponsored by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and Nippon Kenko Kaigi.

NGK SPARK PLUG Group's Health and Productivity ManagementThe Self-Care Handbook

Initiative to prevent infectious diseases

To protect employees from the seasonal influenza every year, we strive to prevent the spread of infection. Particularly regarding group infection at workplaces, which may affect our daily operations, we are ready to cooperate with the relevant divisions to implement immediate and intensive measures. During the flu season, we issue weekly reports so that all employees can share the information and take effective countermeasures. In addition, we are attentive to information on candidate viruses for novel influenza at all times by collecting relevant information.

Efforts by NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. Health Insurance Society

Working together with the company and the labor union, the health insurance society provides a wide variety of programs to support the mental and physical good health of member workers and their families.
Specifically, health management and disease prevention efforts conducted by the health insurance society include metabolic syndrome improvement / prevention programs; subsidies for flu vaccination; and other health management promotion programs such as walking tours and bus-hiking tours.