Policy for Human Resources

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Human Resource Policy

We acknowledge that employees are the most important management resources. In light of this, we respect the diversity and individuality of our employees and promote the cultivation of physically and mentally healthy human beings, striving to promote the further development of our Group as a whole.

Action Guidelines

  • Respecting the rights of our employees, we eliminate discrimination and harassment in employment, and avoid the use of forced labor or child labor.
  • We secure and foster human resources who help pass down our quality products principle to the following generations. To this end, we provide learning opportunities and other programs to support the career development of our employees.
  • We strive to smoothly introduce a personnel system that ensures that people with different qualities can fully realize their own capabilities into our Group.

Basic Philosophy

Human resources are the most important management resource. We promote the sustainable growth of the NGK SPARK PLUG Group by striving for human resources development that respects the diversity and individuality of our employees and by encouraging individual employees to reach their own full potential, to grow and to participate actively in a state of physical and mental health.