Human Rights and Labor

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Basic Philosophy

The NGK SPARK PLUG Group respects the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international norms and has made respect for human rights a part of our corporate code of conduct and our human resource policy. In addition, the group rules that we share throughout the NGK SPARK PLUG Group forbid discrimination on the basis of nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, sex, marital status, pregnancy, ideology, sexual orientation (LGBT), disabilities, and participation in labor unions, as well as all forms of harassment, child labor, and forced labor. In hiring and employment, too, we stipulate the granting of equal opportunity without discrimination.
Principles concerning human rights and labor are incorporated in the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact which we joined in November 2016.The Group supports these principles and will connect them to our further activities.

The Status of Employees

NGK SPARK PLUG Group, total number of employees

FY2014 FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Non-consolidated 5,823 5,829 5,719 5,727 5,767
Consolidated 13,197 14,524 14,926 15,322 15,994

NGK SPARK PLUG Group, form of employment (as of March 31, 2019)

Regular employees Temporary employees
5,767 505

NGK SPARK PLUG Group, status of employees (FY2018)

Men Women Total
No. of employees 4,730 1,037 5,767
Average age 39.0 36.9 38.6
No. of years of service 16.8 16.1 16.7
Turnover rate 3.1%
Average annual salary 6,912,014 yen

Education and Awareness-Raising of Human Rights

Our Compliance Guidebook, issued in 2012, establishes matters including respect for human rights and the prohibition of harassment. The guidebook has been disseminated to employees to raise awareness of these issues.
Drawing on the United Nations Global Compact, which we signed in 2016, we will increase opportunities to offer education and information on human rights to raise awareness among employees.
In our CSR Procurement Guidelines, we also require that business partners engage in respect for human rights.

Anti-harassment Measures

The company management and the labor union are working together to prevent any harassment and to protect the human rights of all employees.
Work Rules explicitly prohibit all sorts of behavior that constitute harassment, and we have an anti-harassment committee responsible for the prevention of such behavior by raising awareness through the company newsletter and provide level-specific training programs.
We have also prepared an environment that facilitates consultation, with consultation desks set up by labor and management in every factory and have also enabled consultation through our Corporate Ethics Helpline.

Labor-management Relations

Labor-management relations should be oriented to the combined employer-employee effort to contribute to society through the provision of good products and services. At NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD., both labor and management understand their respective responsibilities and strive to improve the work environment through mutual trust and cooperation.
Labor-management conferences are held three to four times a year on individual workplace and companywide bases, providing communication opportunities. These are chances to discuss various topics including the company's situation and how to improve the labor environment, and opportunities for employees to have their opinions heard.

NGK SPARK PLUG Group labor union

The number of NGK SPARK PLUG Group labor union members6,556
(as of March 2019)

Since October 2017, our group company, Ceramic Censor, Nittoku Supertech Tounou, and Nittoku Supertech WKS made a labor union and became a branch of NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. As a part of NGK SPARK PLUG Group, we raise our spirit and work to tackle the problems at each workplace as a whole.

Reduction in Working Hours

We are working to reduce overtime in order to reduce total working hours. When pre-planned overtime is known about, the company management and the labor union confirm the situation in the workplace and engage in consultation designed to keep working hours within the target. As a result of addressing the issues discussed at the labor reform committee, we are starting no-overtime Wednesdays and prohibiting overtime in excess of five hours per day.
Furthermore, we added a new regulation for having 10-hour intermission between working hours, and failing to comply with the rules is expected to be subject of the labor-management consultation as a strategy for suppressing overtime work.

Group Company Response to Compliance

Group companies as a whole have been addressing the issue of information sharing for company compliance with the latest applicable laws and regulations. In the quarterly exchange meeting where, general managers of the group companies attend, the briefing is made with respect to the policy based on current trends in applicable laws and regulations. We have been working to develop the group-wide risk management system by sharing the problems raised by the individual group companies as those that they face and presenting case examples. The entire group continues to join hands in compliance issue.