Environmental Communication

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Basic Philosophy

It is essential for the NGK SPARK PLUG's GROUP to realize close coordination with local communities and become highly reliable for continuous business operations. For achievement of the goal, sharing information on the Group's environmental activities is regarded as the best approach. We have been endeavoring to disclose information and improve communication in an accurate and easy-to-understand way.

Plant Tours

On plant tours which our group company planned, you can observe our environmental efforts and facilities.
A deeper understanding of our Group's activities and better communication are achieved by listening to the comments and seeing our facilities and engaging in question and answer sessions. In fiscal 2018, we welcomed 1,075 visitors to our plants.

Environmental Meeting

We host environmental meetings with local residents as a venue for communication. At these meetings, we explain our daily environmental activities as well as hear opinions and comments from participants on how we can further improve things. In fiscal 2018, we had a total of 237 participants.

Local Clean-up Activities

We regularly hold clean-up activities in the areas near the offices to preserve the local environment. We also continue to participate in beautifying activities hosted by local municipalities, etc. In fiscal 2018, a total of 551 people participated in such activities.

Clean-up activities
Clean-up activities
(SparkTec WKS)

Conservation of Biodiversity

NGK SPARK PLUG’s GROUP defines preservation of biodiversity that has become increasingly important around the world as one of our environmental themes as essential as global warming control and recycling of resources.
In April 2013, we established the NGK SPARK PLUG Group Biodiversity Action Guidelines which indicate our policy and action plan regarding biodiversity.
Based on the guidelines, recognizing that activities such as the use of energy and resources have an effect on biodiversity, we will work in cooperation with business partners and external organizations to reduce the impacts of our entire business activities.