Environmentally-Friendly Products

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Basic Philosophy

As a manufacturing company expanding globally, we strive to meet the expectations of customers around the world and, in order to contribute to the global environment, to develop and provide environmentally friendly products. At the same time, we also work to constrain the environmental impacts generated during production and aim to reduce environmental impacts over the entire product life cycle.

Product Assessment

To reduce the environmental burden of a product over its entire life cycle, we carry out product assessments during design and when changing specifications.
During a product assessment, the existence of substances of environmental concern, the amount of energy used, etc. are confirmed at each stage of product design, process design and package design. If the assessment determines that there is a significant environmental impact, countermeasures will be taken before development is continued.

Developing Environmentally Friendly Products

Our company provides products that contribute to the environment, including spark plugs and automotive oxygen sensors that help improve fuel efficiency and purify exhaust gases from automobiles, as well as LED packages and cutting tools that are long-lasting and help conserve energy and resources. With the future in mind, we are also focusing on the development of new products in the area of environmental energy, such as solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs).
Since 2017, we have been enhancing activities to promote energy and resource conservation more than ever in the manufacturing process, by working these into the design stage. Through this, we will advance development of products that contribute to the environment in terms of both product functions and manufacturing processes.