Global Warming

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Basic Philosophy

Major climate change could cause the risk of hindering the establishment of a sustainable society. As a part of our activities to aid in mitigating climate change from medium and long-term perspectives, we set targets for CO2 emission basic unit in fiscal 2020 under Global Eco Vision 2020. Aiming at achievement of the targets, we have been proceeding with fractionalization of energy management, and reduction in energy consumed by air conditioning system while focusing on building ventilation amount.

Achieving Target CO2 emission basic unit in fiscal 2017

The CO2 emission basic unit in fiscal 2017 was 1.18 tons/million yen, meeting the eco-vision target for 2020 of 1.23 tons/million yen in advance. (decrease by 5% as compared with fiscal 2015). This is because we used less energy by renovating factories and etc., in addition to our regular activities of energy conservation.
In fiscal 2018, we have made changes to the eco-vision 2020 targets in upward, and we will promote more energy saving aimed at improving the CO2 emission by 15% (1.10 tons/million yen) compared to fiscal 2015.

Transition of Emission Volume of Energy-Origin CO2
(Domestic group[consolidated certification])
*The denominator of the basic unit has been changed from sales to amount index in accordance with production sum.
Transition of Emission Volume of Energy-Origin CO2 (group)

Energy Conservation during Transportation

As a Specified Consigner designated under the Act on the Rational Use of Energy, we endeavor to reduce CO2 emissions during transportation, proceeding with reduction in shipping distance by reorganizing/integrating plants, and reconsidering the waste-disposal service vendor.
In fiscal 2017, our energy usage basic unit was 0.99 kl/100 million yen, improved by 5.5% as compared with the previous fiscal year.

Trends in Volume of CO2 Emissions as Energy Resources (group)

Energy Conservation in Office

We implement daily energy-saving measures in our workplaces, including turning off lights and computers during breaks and keeping office air conditioning at moderate levels, 28ºC in summer and 20ºC in winter, to which we adjust by dressing lightly or adding layers of clothing in addition to setting our regular ventilating standard at offices by reviewing the amount of ventilation.
We are also creating green curtains, installing arched sunshades and thermally insulating the outdoor units of air conditioners to reduce power consumption for air conditioning in the summer.

Use of Natural Energy

We promote the use of natural energy.
We installed three solar power generation units and one solar water heater at our Headquarters Factory. The Komaki Plant has a solar power generator unit that can generate a maximum of 107 kW of electricity. In overseas, the solar power generation units have been introduced into Woojin Industry Co., Ltd., and NGK Spark Plugs (India) PVT. LTD.
In fiscal 2017, we generated a total of 391,000 kWh sourced from natural energy in both domestic and overseas companies, which is equivalent to reduction of 225 tons of CO2.