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Mar 13, 2018


Our employees volunteered at "Nagoya Women's Marathon 2018"

Our employees worked as a volunteer at “Nagoya Women's Marathon 2018” held in Nagoya city.
This event is held every year in March since 2012 and certified as the Guinness world record as the world's largest female marathon.
Risk Management Dept., promoting CSR activities, of our company played a central part in this volunteer activity. Risk Management Dept. has invited our employees who are interested in this marathon and/or volunteer event to actualize this activity.

20 employees participated in this volunteer activity, and worked on the operation of the water station at the 12.5 km point. They cheered to runners who were running hard and received words of thanks from some runners.
While working close to serious running of the runners, they were able to cooperate for this marathon event to the best of their ability.

We will continue to engage in social contribution activities rooted in the local communities through various volunteer activities in the future as well.