Cultural activities

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We are involved in various activities aimed at promoting culture and improving welfare as a good corporate citizen, in accordance with the “Social Contribution Policy” that we established as part of our CSR policy.

We Are a Partner Corporation for the Naming Rights of the NTK Hall

Our Expectations for the NTK Hall

Ever since our founding in 1936, our Headquarters has been located in Nagoya City, and we have been active in keeping with our corporate code of conduct of "As a good corporate citizen, we shall actively engage in philanthropic activities and other activities of benefit to society." The cultural facility NTK Hall represents traditional and formal Nagoya and is popular as a meeting point for cultural exchange. By means of the naming rights for this hall, we believe that we are further promoting culture and the arts and helping to revitalize the region.

Valuing Our Connections with Local Communities

Since 2013, NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. has hosted a number of events evey year. In 2015, too, we held a musical event aimed for families. We issued a total of 3,500 invitations to performances for families impacted by the Great East Japan Earthquake, as well as for local elementary school students, kindergarten children, children from care facilities in Aichi Prefecture and general visitors. After the event, visitors thanked us in person or sent us letters of thanks.

About Naming Rights

Venue New Name
Nagoya Citizens' Auditorium NTK Hall
Passage to subway station NTK Hall Passage

We named the Large Hall and Medium Hall of the NTK Hall, “FOREST HALL” and “VILLAGE HALL,” respectively. These were named after being a member of the Morimura Group with the wish that the NTK Hall would turn into a “forest (mori)” or “village (mura)” for nurturing enriched culture and arts.

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Expanding our Locally Rooted Social Contribution Activities both in Japan and Abroad

Here, we introduce the CSR initiatives that are being promoted by the NGK SPARK PLUG's GROUP.

CSR initiatives as a Group