Social Contribution Policy

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Social Contribution Policy

As a good corporate citizen, we at the NGK SPARK PLUG Group aim to contribute to society through the effective use of management resources.

Action Guidelines

●We focus on the following activities:

  • Activities closely related to our business fields and also to local communities
  • Activities that respect the cultures of individual countries and local communities, as well as activities that contribute to society such as traffic safety education programs
  • Activities that contribute to the next generation society, focusing on environmental conservation, science, and education, as well as cultures to be bequeathed to the next generation, etc.

●We strive to create a corporate culture that encourages executives and employees to participate together in social contribution activities as social citizens. We also respect and support their active involvement in society.

Basic Philosophy

The NGK SPARK PLUG Group respects local culture and customs in our established sites of the respective regions in the world while engaging in smooth communication with local communities. As members of those communities, we aim to work together in building a comfortable society, while striving to participate in regional development, environmental preservation, and other activities that contribute to society.