Sports activities

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We conduct a wide variety of cultural and sports activities for the benefit of the local community as a good corporate citizen in accordance with the "social contribution policy" that we established as part of our CSR policy.

Supporting Local Sports as a Top Partner of FC GIFU

Our Expectations for FC GIFU

NGK SPARK PLUG has three group companies in Gifu, an important region in terms of manufacturing. Based in Gifu Prefecture, FC GIFU actively promotes socially beneficial activities under the theme of "a team for the citizens of Gifu Prefecture." We share this spirit of contribution and seek to foster a prosperous community through sports as a sponsor of the team. All of our employees, including employees of group companies, are vocal supporters of FC GIFU.

FC GIFU Website

On July 3rd, 2016, we named the 21st game of the season as the "NGK SPARK PLUG thank you match" and 1,000 of our employees (and members of their families) came and enjoyed the occasion.

Contributing to the Development of Motor Sports

We Show Our Support at Motorsport Events, often also in the Form of Booth exhibitions.

Our main products, NGK SPARK PLUG, are important components that determine the performance of engines. We have provided high-quality spark plugs for motor sports for many years.
Furthermore, in the NGK SPARK PLUG Cup (the last race in Suzuka Sunday Road Race), of which we are a proud sponsor, many ambitious riders from beginners to professionals test their skill, aiming to join the All Japan Road Race Championship - the top race in the country. This event is a gateway to success for riders aiming to be the best in the world.

As the people behind the top brand of spark plugs, we will continue to support these motorsport-related events. Beyond this, we will also contribute to the reliability and development of the motorized society.

Contributing to the Vitality of Local Regions through Marathon Festivals.

As we wish to contribute to the vitality of local regions, we also support regional marathon festivals. Of particular note is the Marathon Festival Nagoya-Aichi. We have supported this event since 2015 and to further develop our theme of "promoting women's activities," we will continue to show our commitment through our idea of "supporting women who challenge their best."

  • Marathon Festival Nagoya-Aichi
  • Komaki City Marathon

Expanding our Locally Rooted Social Contribution Activities both in Japan and Abroad

Here, we introduce the CSR initiatives that are being promoted by the NGK SPARK PLUG's GROUP.

CSR initiatives as a Group