Export Controls

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Basic Philosophy

Aiming at international peace and security, export management (Security export control) has been implemented to protect cargo and technology from being utilized by Organizations with some kind of connection to Regional conflicts or Nuclear development for military purpose. The demand for proper export control has been increasing due to worsening international security. To suitably execute export controls based on the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Act, we have drawn up our own Export Management Regulations and established our in-house export control system. Our logistics departments have been working to achieve proper cargo control under the background of solid security management system of export cargoes for terrorism prevention based on various relevant systems. We will continue to carry out business in compliance with all laws and regulations to fulfill our responsibilities as demanded by the international community and the government.

Initiatives for safe exports

Responding to needs of continuous education to appeal the importance of security export controls and cargo security management to all through the company, we are planning to hold regular briefings on various themes for related divisions in the company.

Our company has been approved by customs authorities as an authorized exporter based on the Authorized Exporter's Program (part of the AEO system), and in order to fulfill our obligations, we conduct self-inspections in addition to the briefing session mentioned above.

We will continue these efforts to ensure and strengthen export controls.

*The AEO system allows companies that have received approval from the Customs Director for their superior compliance with laws and regulations in their business activities to simplify various export procedures and enable safe and prompt export.

Themes from Fiscal 2018 Briefings

Themes Number of times participants
1. Foreign exchange laws and security export controls (Includes implementation of classification) 15 338
2. Customs law, Authorized Exporters’ program (AEO system) 11 186

Themes from Fiscal 2019 Briefings

  1. Foreign exchange laws and security trade controls
  2. Customs law, Authorized Exporter’s program (AEO system)