The 7th Medium-term Management Plan

The Evolution of NGK SPARK PLUG - Evolving over five years lead to "Real Value"

1. Positioning of the 7th Medium-Term Management Plan

The NGK SPARK PLUG's GROUP established its 7th medium-term management plan, "The Evolution of NGK SPARK PLUG - Evolving over five years lead to "Real Value."
Our Group has developed to where it is today through constant innovation and improvement, in order to provide good quality from the customers' viewpoint. Indeed, this is the founding principle of the Group, and the company must hold to this principle as we work to resolve a variety of issues in the future.

This is why, in 2010, the Group announced "The Evolution of NGK SPARK PLUG," a plan focusing on how the Group should be in ten years time.

The plan is based on the steps of "Delving > Renovating > Evolving," with each step lasting three years. The Group’s aim is to become a "Monozukuri company," which holds an unshakeable position as No.1 in delivering products with value to our customers around the world, a "highly profitable company," a "progressive company," and a "human 'assets' company", and in FY2020, to provide "Real Value" to all our stakeholders.

In "the 6th Medium-term Management Plan," the Group strove to establish a foothold in bolstering and developing our business operations based on a policy of recognizing the environmental changes surrounding the Group and delving down into our current business and planting the seeds of new business.

In the next"Renovating over three years," after recognizing the present status in order to change the new, as a preparation period for deciding the direction of how to keep up with changes in the environment, we have implemented "selection and concentration of business." and "planting of new business."

For this 7th Medium-term Management Plan, we set five years to finalize our long term management plan. Concerning managerial issues, we made this plan to deliver "Real Value" in FY2020.

Overview of "The Evolution of NGK Spark Plug"

2. Overview of "Evolving" to "Real Value", the 7th Medium-term Management Plan

Basic Policy

Accelerating Current & New Businesses

Basic Initiatives

  • Strengthening Current Businesses
  • Establishing New Business Pillars
  • Establishing Strong Business Infrastructures

■Strengthening Current Businesses
In the plug business and sensor business, through expanding market share in emerging markets, strengthening of environmental regulations corresponding product and expansion of automotive-related products that utilize Wells company, we will continue working towards further growth.
In the ceramic package business, with the aim of profitability, we will continue to play in the business to profit contribution. In addition, to take advantage of NTK CERATEC, we will strive to further strengthening of product for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

■Establishing New Business Pillars
We will strive to produce new products of "next-generation vehicle", and we will increase the portfolio of the new business with a focus on "medical field" and "environment and energy field."

■Establishing Strong Business Infrastructures
In order to support the "creation of new businesses," and "further strengthening of existing businesses," it is very nessesary to build a solid management foundation. Specifically, we will pursue the following three:to run the speed management in a global company-wide perspective, to run the human resources in the global by fair treatment, to run organizational change aimed at General management function by clarifying resposibility and authority.

Performance Goals

In FY2020, the final year of the 7th medium-term management plan, the Group aims for net sales of 520,000 million yen and operating income of 100,000 million yen.

Management Indicators FY
Sales 426,207 million yen 520,000 million yen
Operating Income 46,444 million yen 100,000 million yen
Operating Income Ratio 10.9% Over 20%
ROIC 6.2% Over 13%
Dividend 48.0% Over 30%
cf. FY
ROE 7.7% Over 12%
net earnings per share 145.72 yen 300 yen
FX rate $1: 109 yen
€1: 121 yen
$1: 115 yen
€1: 120 yen

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