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May 24, 2016

Corporate Products

NGK SPARK PLUG was awarded the "CEAA" for Environmental Achievement by ACerS

Nagoya, May 24, 2016 ―NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. (Chairman, President and CEO: Shinichi Odo, Headquarters: Nagoya, hereafter NGK SPARK PLUG) are pleased to announce that we have won the Corporate Environmental Achievement Award (CEAA) 2016 from the American Ceramic Society (AcerS) for the contribution of our zirconia oxygen sensor (NTK oxygen sensor) to the environment by helping to improve exhaust gas purification and fuel economy of vehicle.

NTK oxygen sensors, which have excellent output stability and long-life durability, have played an important role in the vehicle emission purification system, and contributed to the conversion of exhaust gas to “Clean Air”.
NGK SPARK PLUG will continue to offer advanced solutions to cope with future stricter emission controls in the automotive industry, as we have been so far, by developing technologies for detecting NOx and particulate matters in emission, which are restricted substances.

About the Corporate Environmental Achievement Award (CEAA):
The Corporate Environmental Achievement Award (CEAA) was established to honor an outstanding environment achievement made by an ACerS corporate member in the field of ceramics. The ACerS consists of more than 9,500 members of scientists, engineers, researchers, educators, students, specialists in marketing and sales from over 70 countries. To win this award, it is necessary to have high interest and approach to the environmental issues, such as promoting recycling of manufacturing process and material, environmental benefits over established processes, and so on. The award is formally presented to a designated corporate representative at the Annual Meeting banquet.