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Nov 14, 2016


NGK SPARK PLUG Celebrates its 80th Foundation Anniversary

Nagoya, November 14, 2016 ―NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. (Chairman, President and CEO: Shinichi Odo, Headquarters: Nagoya, hereafter NGK SPARK PLUG) are pleased to announce that we have celebrated our eightieth anniversary of foundation on November 11, 2016 and held an anniversary event at THE WESTIN NAGOYA CASTLE on the same day.

Since our founding in 1936, we have been delivering new values to the world based on our corporate philosophy stated as “to contribute to the peoples of the world by offering new values for the future“. Under this philosophy, we have developed our group with two principles of pursuing "producing quality products" and “participation by all employees”.

At the ceremony, Mr. Odo said, “I would like to thank all of you for celebrating our eightieth anniversary together that is a major turning point. We, the NGK SPARK PLUG’s GROUP, make a concerted effort to contribute through continuous growth toward our one-hundredth anniversary”. He also stated further growth so that NGK SPARK PLUG CO. LTD. to be an indispensable company in the world for future.

At the celebration of our eightieth anniversary, a corporate message, “IGNITE YOUR SPIRIT” was declared. To keep this corporate message in our minds, we will deliver the "Real Value" to all stakeholders to the best of our abilities and group dynamics.

■Summary of the ceremony
(1)Date   : Friday, November 11, 2016
(3)Participant : Approximately 500 people including clients and the NGK SPARK PLUG’s         GROUP employees

■Our new CSR activities announced at the ceremony
①Broadening of“the NGK SPARK PLUG Foreign Student Scholarship Public Trust”
In 2007, we established a scholarship fund, the Nittoku Asia Foreign Student Scholarship Public Trust, for students from various countries in Asia enrolled at universities or graduate schools in Aichi Prefecture on the occasion of our seventieth year in business. We have been supporting 85 students from China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Thailand, Mongolia, Myanmar, India, and Laos with scholarship. For the eightieth anniversary, we broaden the countries from Asia to the world to support a scholarship.

②Donation to the community of domestic four factories.
As a token of our appreciation, we donated the followings to the communities where our factories are located.

<Local community: Donation, Number of vehicles>
・Nagoya-shi, Aichi    : Mobile disaster-prevention experimental vehicle 1
               Vehicle for transporting personnel 1
               Wireless system 1
・Komaki-shi, Aichi    : High-standard ambulance vehicle 1
               Light truck 2
・Satsuma-cho, Kagoshima: Road patrol vehicle 1
                Vehicle for transporting personnel 1
・Ise-shi, Mie       : High-flow stream water simulator 1
               Disaster-prevention self-development vehicle 1

■Announcement of new uniforms
The company uniforms have been renewed for the first time in 25 years, with a concept of “Aiming at further leap toward one-hundredth of foundation”.

At the ceremoney
At the ceremoney
New uniform
New uniform