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Mar 24, 2017


NGK SPARK PLUG has been certified as one of the New 100 Diversity Management Companies by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

NGK SPARK PLUG CO. LTD. (Chairman, President and CEO: Shinichi Odo, Headquarters: Nagoya, hereafter NGK SPARK PLUG) is pleased to announce that it has won the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry’s award as one of the New 100 Diversity Management Selection. It has also been selected as an excellent company under the Semi-Nadeshiko Brands categories jointly by METI and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (hereafter TSE).

To respond to changes in the business environment, we have been worked to build a new business pillar for the future as one of our business strategies. We have made various efforts, and reached that it is indispensable to establish a fine working environment where diverse human resources can play an active role regardless of nationality, gender, age, or the presence or absence of physical or mental disability in globally.

This certification can be attributed to the fact that our employees’ change of mind has promoted the cultivation of our business culture that accepts new sense of values and that improved efficiency of business has led to the expansion of our business performance. We will continuously promote our diversity management actively so that each employee of the company will be able to grow up and be developed along with the company.

●Our effort for diversity management

 1.Our approaches to Female Worker Promotion in the Workplace by "DIAMOND project
 This DIAMOND project has launched in 2013 to change in the thinking way of female workers and management workers with the concept of Change Culture, Attitude, and Environment. For example, we have been providing trainings for female workers to work on higher-grade duties for half a year along with their supervisors and have their supports till their accomplishments. Other than that, we established action plans for Female Worker Promotion in the Workplace in each department and make objectives concerning cultivation and their progress along these plans has been checked and supported on a regular basis.

 2.Cultivation of globalized human resources
 We have been holding global human resource meetings on a regular basis since 2013 to discuss global human resource development. As part of it, we have been holding global management personnel training program on a regular basis since 2016 for the purpose of management personnel training to responsible personnel for the next generation. We are working on creating such work environment by promoting diverse human resources, regardless of nationality, to participate actively.

 3.Promotion of the way of working reform
 With the entire company, we have been working on reduction of long-time working hours and introduction of flexible way of working to create a workplace in which various workers can play active roles. We have established "Working styles committee" in cooperation with a labor union in 2015. We have been carrying out various measures such as leaving the office on time, prohibition of the late-night overtime work, and so on. In addition, we planned to simplify routine works in the indirect departments by IT utilization. We have also been working to create friendly workplace for female workers by establishing local limited general works.

●About "new Diversity Management Selection 100"(by METI)
 METI started this for the purpose of increasing the number of companies to be engaged in diversity management. They commend the companies that utilize a diversity of human resources to create values.

●About "Semi-Nadeshiko Brands"
 Since its inauguration in FY2012, METI and TSE have been jointly conducting the Nadeshiko Brand initiative for the purpose of selecting and publicizing listed companies that encourage women's success in the workplace. They introduce companies pushing forward the utilization of the woman positively to each type of industry including environmental maintenance for a woman to continue working. "Semi-Nadeshiko Brands" companies follow successful companies under the "Nadeshiko Brands".

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