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Sep 20, 2017


NGK SPARK PLUG Publishes its Integration Report 2017

NGK SPARK PLUG CO. LTD. (Chairman, President and CEO: Shinichi Odo, Headquarters: Nagoya-shi, hereafter NGK SPARK PLUG) is pleased to announce that we will publish our integration report 2017.

We publish our new “Integration Report”, combining former annual report and CSR report, to present financial information non-financial information such as our efforts for environment and society. This report will help better understanding of our business and efforts for ESG.

・Source for Value Creation
・CEO’s Message
・Review of Operations
・Risks and Opportunities
・ESG Approches (Environment, Society, and Governance) 
・Corporate data

Our former annual reports were published only in English and our CSR reports were both in Japanese and in English, we will publish these reports with the same contents both in Japanese and in English starting this integration report 2017.

We will enrich the report contents and will continue to dialogue with our stakeholders including investors aiming to keep good communication.