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Apr 02, 2018


Launch of Simple and Selectable Multi-gas Measurement System (NCEM)

Nagoya, April 2, 2018―NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. (Chairman, President, and CEO: Shinichi Odo, Headquarters: Nagoya, hereafter NTK) is pleased to announce that the company released simple and selectable multi-gas measurement system (NCEM).

In recent years it is required to measure exhaust gas during on road drive as the exhaust gas regulation becomes more and more strict all over the world. Especially in European region the RDE (Real Driving Emissions) regulation (*1) was introduced in September 2017, and there is a growing need for such devices that are able to measure particles in exhaust gas during actual driving. We have developed this compact multi-gas measurement system (NCEM) making maximum use of our exhaust gas sensor for OEM, while anticipating this need, aiming to develop and evaluate vehicles and to investigate exhaust gas in the market.
NCEM is a compact and light exhaust gas measurement system that is able to be used for multiple purposes. It can measure not only NOx (nitrogen oxides) and O2 (oxygen) proven for our OEM sensors, but also PM (mass concentration of soot) and PN (number of particles of soot) by combining diffusion charging type principle method and the latest sensing technique. Because sensors are installed directly in the exhaust gas flow, measurements can be performed with excellent responsiveness and in real time.
We will continuously update measurement parameters and data analysis functions in response to customer's needs.

We will keep working on product development integrating our technologies and ideas so that we can contribute to the environmental society through our various types of sensor products.

(*1) RDE (Real Driving Emissions) regulations
A common name for actual driving exhaust gas evaluations to investigate exhaust gas while actually driving on public roads using vehicle equipped with a vehicle-mounted exhaust gas measuring device
(*2) Diffusion charger method
A calculation method of measuring the number of PM and total volume by charging each PM in the sensor and measuring its electric charging amount

■ Appearance

■ Product features

1. Lightweight and compact

-Weigh only approximately 1/3 of existing PEMS (Portable Emissions Measurement System: exhaust gas measurement system for automobile)

*With standard specifications: 12.5kg (Main unit +PM/PN module +NOx module +AFR module)

-Can be loaded into compact cars and no influence on emission

-Can be carried by a single person

2 . Easy operation

-Easy operation by using a touch panel

-Easy put on and take off cables

3. Lower power consumption

-Maximum power is 300VA, approximately 1/10 of that of PEMS

-Can be powered by most of vehicle batteries

4. Many potential application methods to match your testing needs

-Can be used in engine bench, chassis dynamometer, and real world testing

-Modules of 8 slots can be chosen, you can customize it depending on your needs

-More various measurements will be realized by increasing the number of sensors and modules applicable for this system

Directly inserting the sensor into the exhaust pipe makes it possible to measure changes in the concentration of the target substance without delay

Used for the actual vehicle driving test by placing the driving wheel on the roller connected with the dynamometer instead of on the road

Can be installed on the back seat for the measurement because it is compact and easy for setting

5. After-sales-care

-Established global service structure to take care of customer's various troubles and to supply replacement parts after sale

■ Main specifications(NCEM-8016)

Electric supply source AC100 to 240V or DC12 to 28V*
*A power source of DC 13V or higher is recommended. When the power source is less than DC 13V,
NOx and AFR sensors may not be active depending to usage conditions,
such as when the flow rate is fast.
Power consumption AC: about 400VA (Maximum actual power)*
DC: about 300VA (Maximum actual power)
*Peak value when a maximum of 8 NOx and/or AFR sensors are controlled.
The power consumption of the main unit only is about 6VA.
External dimensions 348(W) x 283(D) x 284(H)mm*
*Dimensions exclude the handle and fixtures to secure belts.
Main-unit weight 約10kg*
About 10kg*
*Main unit only; does not include modules.
Usage environment Ambient temperature: -10 to 40 degrees C
Humidity : Relative humidity of 85% or less and absolute humidity of less than 30g/squared meters
Non condensing
Altitude below 2,000m
External I/F CAN (Complies with ISO11898), USB (PC connection),
OBD2 (ISO15765、SAEJ1979), GPS