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Aug 30, 2019


NGK SPARK PLUG Publishes its Integrated Report 2019

NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. (President & Chief Operating Officer: Takeshi Kawai, Headquarters: Nagoya-shi, hereafter NGK SPARK PLUG) is pleased to announce that we have just published our “Integrated Report 2019”.

This “Integrated Report 2019” offers our stakeholders to understand more our businesses.

NGK SPARK PLUG has been issuing an annual “Integrated Report” since 2017 with a view to helping all stakeholders deepen their understanding of its medium- to long term value creation efforts. We have edited this third integrated report with a focus on outlining the progress with and outlook for the achievement of the goals set in the medium-term management plan toward FY2020 as well as in the long-term management plan, “NITTOKU SHINKARON,” and on introducing the measures currently implemented by the company for the medium- to long-term reform of its business portfolio.

We will enrich the report contents and will continue to dialogue with our stakeholders including investors aiming to keep good communication.