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Sep 16, 2021


New office building completed
- To be a place that symbolizes "changing NGK SPARK PLUG" toward 2030 -

NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd. (President: Takeshi Kawai, Headquarters: Mizuho-ku, Nagoya) has built a new office building in the Komaki Plant and started its operation.

N-FOREST Appearance

In the "2030 Long-Term Management Plan NITTOKU BX" announced in June 2020, we listed the conversion of our business portfolio as one of our goals. The new office building "N-FOREST" is a place that symbolizes the "changing NGK SPARK PLUG" to achieve this goal, and serves as a hub for promoting our change, digital transformation, new work styles, and innovation creation. The building enjoys various new initiatives and facility to nurture such an environment.

To contribute to a sustainable carbon-free society, the building has a solar power generation system, and a power generation system made by Hitachi Zosen Corporation using SOFC (solid oxide fuel cell) supplied by Morimura SOFC Technology Co., Ltd.*1

In addition, "N-FOREST" has a showroom that introduces our past and future, a cafe that serves as a community space for local people, and various conference rooms. We will utilize "N-FOREST" as a place where we and our stakeholders can connect and where we can contribute to the local community and work together toward the realization of a sustainable society.

*1 Morimura SOFC Technology Co., Ltd. is a joint venture of Noritake Co., Limited, TOTO Ltd., NGK Insulators, Ltd., and NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd. in the Morimura Group.

■Outline of New Office Building "N-FOREST"
 Location: 2808 Iwasaki, Komaki (Inside our Komaki Plant)
 Construction area: Approximately 4,940 m2
 Building area: Approximately 3,070 m2
 Total floor area: Approximately 12,350 m2
 Structural scale: Steel structure, 5 stories above ground
 Design and construction: Obayashi Corporation
 Tenant departments:
   - Corporate domain (Business Creation Company, etc.)
   - Business partner companies (General Administration, Accounting & Finance, Personnel Labor, Production Engineering, etc.)
   - Business companies (IGNITE Company, etc.)

■Inside N-FOREST

- Conference room area (Examples)
In these hot desking workstations, we have installed seats with different taste as well as conventional desks and chairs while incorporating employees' opinions so that we can create an environment where it is easy to conceive new and flexible ideas.

- Showroom
The showroom has also been redesigned. Based on the concept of "Forest of Possibilities," the showroom expresses the expansion (potential) of the NGK SPARK PLUG Group from the past to the future.