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Sep 16, 2021


Headquarters functions relocated to create new work styles and innovations
- April 2022 To Higashisakura area, Higashi-ku, Nagoya -

NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd. (President: Takeshi Kawai, Headquarters: Mizuho-ku, Nagoya) has decided to relocate its headquarters functions in April 2022.

Since our founding in 1936, we have been engaged in various businesses in Mizuho-ku, Nagoya, including the manufacture and sales of our original business, spark plugs.
Taking the opportunity of the aging of the headquarters building (completed in 1957), we have reexamined the ideal form of the headquarters functions for the future, and decided to move them to "URBANNET NAGOYA nexta BUILDING" (currently under construction) in Higashisakura, Higashi-ku, Nagoya.

In June 2020, we formulated the "2030 Long-Term Management Plan NITTOKU BX," which aims to transform our business portfolio. In order for the human resources who promote the portfolio conversion to maximize their abilities, it is necessary to have a "new way of working" such as flexible working hours and places. To "change drastically beyond the current way" as we aim for in 2040, "creating innovation" with new ideas is indispensable, and for that purpose, it is also imperative to break down organizational walls, communication walls and external walls to create various points of contact.
The new location enjoys good access, a cafe and a showroom that connect people inside and outside of our company, and stress-free communications, to cultivate a flexible and new way of working. In addition, we will accelerate the creation of innovation through open communication provided by hot desking and floor zoning tailored to the purpose.

We will take the opportunity of relocating the headquarters functions to further improve our corporate value.

1. Relocation Destination
 1-101 Higashisakura, Higashi-ku, Nagoya
 URBANNET NAGOYA nexta BUILDING 16th to 19th floors
 (Current headquarters: 14-18 Takatsuji-cho, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya)

2. Relocation Schedule
 April 2022 (plan) * Further updates will be forthcoming, including business start date.

3. Outline of Relocation
 Relocating departments: Total of approximately 500 staff in
  - Corporate domain (Digital Transformation, Corporate Strategy, Strategic Human Resources, etc.)
  - Secretarial Office
  - Business partner companies (General Administration, Personnel Labor, Accounting & Finance, SCM, etc.)
  - Business company (Mobility Business Company)
 * Mainly the departments housed in the current headquarters
 Area: Approximately 4,400 m2
 * There is no impact on production due to the relocation.
 * It is to be determined how to utilize the site of the current headquarters after relocation.
 * The registered location of the headquarters will not be changed.

4. Major Initiatives in New Office
 - Face recognition security system
 - Paperless environment
 - "Anywhere extension system" that allows you to call at home or on business trip
 - Promotion of remote work (the number of employee seats reduced to 70%)
 - Hot desking workstations on all floors
 - Office space with a green visibility of 10% or more to reduce stress and fatigue

[Reference: Property Overview]
 Property name: URBANNET NAGOYA nexta BUILDING
 Location: 1-101 Higashisakura, Higashi-ku, Nagoya (land lot number)
 Access: 1 minute walk from Hisaya-odori Municipal Subway Station (directly connected underground)
 Site area: Approximately 8,500m2
 Building area: Approximately 1,600 m2
 Total floor area: Approximately 30,300 m2
 Structure: Steel structure
 Scale: 1 basement floor and 20 floors above ground (* Our space is on the 16th to 19th floors)
 Completion: January 2022 (plan)
 Business owner: NTT Urban Development Corporation