Cermet Grades

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About Cermet Grades

NTK Cermet is a standard insert grade which is suitable for semi-finish and finish turning of steel, general steel (carbon/alloy steel), ductile cast iron and others.

Main Products

Cermet series T15・Z15・Q15・N40・C7X・C7Z


Finishing for steel turing and grooving, iron sintered alloy turing, semi-finishing operation for ductile cast iron, machining for bearing parts, tube scarfing.


There are 3 type of cermet, TiC-TiN, Carbide and Nitride. PVD coated cermet also available.

Especialy TiC-TiN cermet is superior to high heat resistance and anti-oxydization comparing to WC. Also, owing to low affinity to work piece, good surface condition after cuting is expected.

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