Cubic Boron Nitride Grades

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About Cubic Boron Nitride Grades

It suits for high-speed finishing of ultrahard materials and normal cast iron.

Main Products

CBN tools B16・B22・B23・B30・B36・B40・B52・B5K・B6K


This product is used for the cutting of ultra-hard material (HRC60 or more).
This is a high-performance tool material with a high level of hardness at room and high temperatures due to the combination of CBN and a special binder, and it causes little chemical reaction with work materials.


Wet high-speed finish-cutting, and slice-cutting of normal cast iron. Even if the product is used for the cutting of materials that are difficult to cut, its long life is maintained. Dimension precision and finish surface roughness are maintained for a long time.
Line up composed of both coated solid CBN B16 and CBN blazed type on multi-corners, called EZ cube series, offers optimum choice.

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