Rotational Tool

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About Rotational Tools

We offer various rotation tools which reducing high-efficiency and cost, also cutters to exert its ceramics abilities in full. Moreover, we are able to offer unique size variations which only we can offer.

Main Products

Throw-away tipped drill


Powder pressing high speed steel + Coating
Micro Grain Carbide + Coating


  • With throw-away insert type drills, holes to a minimum machining diameter of 9.5mm can be drilled.
  • Easy stock control (Insert having a cutting edge diameter, Dia. 9.5 mm to 114.48mm with 12 different size of holders). Deep hole drilling of up to 32D is also possible .
  • Conventional drill tip and flat bottom tip can be installed in holders. With its clear cutting ability, it is possible to be used in small horse power machine.

Throw-away end mill


D-cutting, Plunge cutting, Taper machining, Hrical machining, and Tooth chamfering.


The machining diameters range from Dia. 8mm up to Dia. 20mm as standard. Various kind of coated micro grain carbide grade, ZM3, TM4, DT4 and DM4, is available for insert, so that it realizes longer tool life than conventional high speed steel grade. Center cutting edge type insert is also available.

High-speed cutter for processing aluminum


Applicapable for non-ferrous metal, such as Aluminum, milling process by maching center.


Owing to PCD grade insert and adjustable presetting function, it realizes high accuracy and good surface finish.
Full line up composed of one steel cutter body type and four aluminum cutter body offers optimum choice.



The milling cutter for cast iron and heat resistance alloy.


High-speed processing is possible and, by silicon nitride ceramic insert, whisker based ceramic insert, can shorten processing time.
And it can also process Inconel, wasp alloy material.

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