Electric Equipment Products

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About Electric Equipment Products

These heaters are small, light and the rate of temperature increase is fast. We also offer substrate for deodorizing.

Main Products

For toilets

For hemanalysis

For beauty equipments

Ceramic heaters

  • Blood Analyzer Oil and Gas Equipment General Industries Medical Use Water Heating


Ceramic heaters are used for toilet seats with warm water sprays, DNA analyzers, the heating of perm solutions and other liquids, kerosene fan heater vaporization, etc.


Heating elements are embedded by printing resistive elements on alumina sheets (HA-921) and laminating them, and then monolithically baked.


Since the resistance wires, which are heating elements, are isolated from outside, ceramic heaters combine excellent insulation properties and chemical resistance, are highly reliable, without wire breakage, and do not age. They can be rapidly heated and manufactured in miniature sizes and at a lighter weight.

Substrates for deodorizing appliances

  • Sterilizing and Deodorizing appliance Air conditioning and Air cleaner


These substrates are designed for compact-type deodorizing appliances for rooms and automobiles and generate nitrogen radicals and trace ozone, which decompose the sources of odors.

(NTK manufactures only substrates.)


Circuits are printed by high-melting-point metal within ceramics consisting of laminated alumina sheets (HA-921) and then monolithically baked.


Since circuits are contained in ceramics, substrates are highly resistant to chemicals and reliable without disconnections and aging.