Piezoelectric Ceramics

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Our ceramics material has been utilized in a variety of industrial products.

About Piezoelectric Ceramics

Piezoelectric ceramics vibrate by applying voltage or converting pressure into voltage. They are used in a wide range of fields using this feature.

Two Primary Functions of Piezoelectric Materials

Converting Energy into Electricity
Positive piezoelectric effect

Converting Electricity into Energy
Reverse piezoelectric effect

Main products

Ultrasonic sensors
Ultrasonic transducers

Piezoelectric Ceramics Characteristics

Applications: Ultrasonic transducers

Lead-Free Piezoelectric Ceramics

We are conducting research and development on environmentally friendly lead-free piezoelectric ceramics.

Piezoelectric ceramics vibrate when voltage is applied and can convert pressure into voltage. A wide range of fields uses them for this characteristic. However, since the raw materials contain lead, there has been a risk of lead from end-of-life products leaching into the environment. We contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by providing materials and products that do not contain hazardous substances. Our lead-free materials are compliant with RoHS.

Lead-free Piezoelectric Ceramics Characteristics

Application Guide

Medical applications

<Medical applications>
Ultrasonic scapel transducers, Ultrasonic surgical transducers, Ultrasonic scalars transducer, Piezoelectric sensor for micropumps, Piezoelectric sensor for blood pressure mesurement, Ultrasonic probe, ultrasound transducers for medical use, Piezoelectric elements for nebulizers


Piezo buzzers, Piezoelectric elements, Piezoelectric diaphragms, Ultrasonic sensors

Industrial equipment

<Industrial equipment>
Ultrasonic welding transducers, Ultrasonic cutter transducers, Ultrasonic FA sensors, Piezoelectric elements for Karman vortex flowmeters, Piezoelectric elements for alarms


Piezo actuators for flow control, Ultrasonic bonding transducers

For consumers

<For consumers>
Piezo speakers, Piezo tweeters, Piezoelectric elements for microphones, Piezoelectric elements for ultrasonic motors, Piezoelectric elements for printers heads, Piezoelectric elements for haptics devices, Piezoelectric ceramics