Packages for High-Frequency Devices and Opto-Devices

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About Packages for High-Frequency Devices and Opto-Devices

By combining ceramic lamination technology and metal fitting technology, NTK offers value-added packages with superior electrical and thermal performances for micro/millimeter wave devices and optical communication devices.

Main Products

High-Frequency RF Ceramic Packages

These RF packages for use in the high-frequency spectrum meet demands for high frequency and high output. Electrical and thermal characteristics are optimized through simulations during design.
Please contact us to learn more about available combinations of heat sink materials and other parameters.

Packages for Optical Communications

The ceramic multilayer wiring of these airtight, highly reliable packages enables greater flexibility in design.
A variety of external lead terminals, case fittings, and heat sink materials is also available.


Used in short-range and long-distance transmissions, these are packages in which metal case fittings, leads, and sleeves are attached to the multilayer ceramic field through silver brazing.