High Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (HTCC) Packages
and Substrates

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About High Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (HTCC) Packages and Substrates

Developed with high performance ceramics, NTK HTCC packages and substrates realize highly reliable and durable semiconductor devices even in severe environments.

Various Ceramic Packages

We offer a variety of highly reliable ceramic packages to meet our customer's requirements, from packages customized for particular applications to standard packages used in device evaluations. Standard packages used in device evaluations feature standard products that help reduce expenses for initial investment. For more on package forms and dimensions, please refer to the list of standard products below.


  • Industrial equipment and communications equipment MPU, ASIC, and high-frequency devices
  • device evaluations

For a table of ceramic material properties, click here1.4MB

We also accept inquiries regarding the following features of IC packages. Please contact us if you have questions.

  1. Electrical simulations
  2. Stress analyses
  3. Thermal analyses