IC Package's Roles

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What are the IC Package's Roles?

Semiconductor package acts various roles to protect the IC chip and transmit an electrical signal and so on.

How Ceramic IC Packages Are Used

Example : Wire bonding type
Example : Flip chip type

IC Chip packaging methods includes the following methods.

  1. Wire-bond method: Mount the IC chip to the IC package, using gold-based or resin materials
  2. Flip-chip technique: Mount the IC chip directly to the IC package.

After the IC chip is mounted, it is sealed airtight with a metal or ceramic lid.

Package Forms

Packages come in many forms, including DIP (Dual Inline), SIP (Single Inline), and PGA (Pin Grid Array) pin insertion types and surface-mount types including J-lead, Flat-lead (gull-wing), leadless, BGA (Ball Grid Array), LGA (Land Grid Array), CSP (Chip Size Package), and other types.
Please select the type suitable for your use.

Fields Utilizing Ceramic IC Packages

We've been contributing to society for nearly half a century with our IC packages, products that are used in an ever-expanding range of fields.