Large-Scale Substrates for Wafer Testers

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About Large-Scale Substrates for Wafer Testers

Used to probe card for semiconductor wafer inspection, it is a ceramic substrate of a narrow pitch, multi-pin and a large ceramic.

Main Products

Substrates for Probe Cards

IC testing packages require increased size and greater precision in silicon wafer pad positioning to reduce the number of tests.

Our packages are compatible with large substrate firing technologies and high-density, high-precision wiring.

Our vast store of manufacturing processes also allows us to shorten production times in support of the customers' custom design requirements.


These test tool ceramic packages are used in running electrical tests with probes (needles) brought into contact with IC (wafer) terminals.
They are used as relay substrates to mechanically and electrically connect the probe and PCB in the probe card.
Thin film technologies are used to form high-precision terminals on alumina ceramic multilayer substrates of over 20 layers.